Sasha Banks: WWE removes 'The Boss' from opening video package after suspension

Sasha Banks has been replaced by Cody Rhodes in WWE's video

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that Sasha Banks and Naomi walked out on WWE last week.

The tag team were unhappy with their plans for the show, despite being slated for the main event, and decided to leave the building before the broadcast had even started.

WWE released a statement on the matter on Monday night, and in an update on Friday Night SmackDown, officially suspended the duo.

WWE also announced that they’d been stripped of their Women’s Tag Team Championships, with a tournament set to take place to crown new champions.

The update came towards the end of the show, but eagle-eyed fans noticed that something was up right as the broadcast started.

During WWE’s signature ‘Then, Now, Forever’ opening sting, fans noticed that Sasha Banks had been removed and replaced by Cody Rhodes.

You can see the old opening sting below, as well as the updated one without Banks featuring.

This could just all be a coincidence, with WWE deciding to add Rhodes now that he’s back and is one of their top stars.

However, with Sasha now suspended from WWE after the controversy of last week, the graphic change does seem noteworthy.

As of right now, there’s no word on when Naomi and Sasha Banks are expected to be back in WWE, if at all, so make sure you stay tuned to GiveMeSport for more on that.

This situation is constantly developing, so make sure you’re also staying tuned to GiveMeSport as we look to keep you posted with all the latest updates.

We may also see another update to the situation, particularly as it pertains to the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, tonight on Monday Night Raw.

You can watch Monday Night Raw, and Friday Night SmackDown for that matter, live tonight and later this week here in the UK on BT Sport.

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