Lost Ark: 'Game-breaking' bug found by players

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Lhttps://www.givemesport.com/lost-arkost Ark players appear to have discovered a bug that is described as “game-breaking” on Reddit, per GamesRadar.

The wildly successful massively multiplayer online game allows players to raid and loot their way through the world.

But this new bug has appeared to stop players from even doing that.

It appears to affect players at different times, but one player had it hit his game during a Valtan Raid, meaning that he could not finish it.

Indeed, the bug appears to only be resolved when players close the game altogether, before jumping back in.

GamesRadar reports that the issue has appeared after the May update, and players are discovering that their mouse pointer is occasionally getting stuck on items within the menu.

That doesn’t just make it difficult to see what is happening on screen but it also makes it impossible for players to do anything else, because the mouse pointer simply won’t move.

The bug appears to have been discovered by a Reddit user by the name of Sagezu and he posted a video of the issue.

In his thread title, he claimed that the issue was “game-breaking” and you can see that the player is unable to click on anything else, ruining any chance of completing the raid.

Per the GamesRadar report, some players have claimed that they can stop the issue temporarily, but it appears that the only way to properly fix it is to close the game altogether.

Smilegate, the game’s developers, are likely to try to find a way to resolve the issue and we’ll keep you updated if they manage to do so in the form of a patch or an update.

Lost Ark is one of the biggest games to ever be released on Steam and has previously had the second-highest concurrent player peak in the history of the storefront.

It’s always a shame when bugs like this are found but one has to imagine there will be an attempt to fix it.

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