Tyson Fury spotted something about Dillian Whyte pre-fight backstage

Tyson Fury spotted something about Dillian Whyte pre-fight backstage

Leading up to the heavyweight showdown at Wembley Stadium on April 23, both Tyson and Paris Fury were surprised by Dillian Whyte.

A recent video uploaded by BT Sport on their YouTube channel takes boxing fans behind the scenes of that famous night last month.

Not long into the clip, Paris Fury noticed something about Whyte’s arrival at Wembley Stadium.

Paris claimed that Dillian looked ‘nervous’ as the heavyweight boxer made his way to the changing room.

Tyson responded with: “He does look nervous, yeah. I was just thinking that.

“Welcome to big time boxing, mush.”

Eventually, Tyson would go on to defeat Whyte deep into the sixth round in front of 94,000 at Wembley.

If you go to 01:46 in the above video, you can see Paris and Tyson discuss Whyte’s body language.

Tyson Fury’s Future

Many are unsure as to whether or not this will be Tyson’s last fight. The WBC have allowed ‘The Gypsy King’ more time to make a final decision.

It looks as if Fury may wait for the winner of Anthony Joshua vs Oleksandr Usyk. Despite the rematch not being confirmed, the fight is rumoured to take place in Saudi Arabia on July 23.

Speaking after the fight with Whyte, Fury said: “I owed them one more big fight here in England and what a way to go out with a massive bang and a big old – as Tommy Fury would say – a big dirty knockout.

“It was fantastic, I’ve enjoyed my career, thank you to everybody who helped me, the promoters, managers, trainers.

“All the journalists, all the TV people, everybody who made it a special journey.

“Big shout out to you and all my respects and admiration goes out to you guys.”

Even though Tyson has teased fans that the clash with Dillian was his last, many believe that he may return at the end of the year or in 2023. 

It’s fair to say that an all-English encounter with Joshua would be enough to convince ‘The Gypsy King.’

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