PUBG Mobile: Five Tips To Improve Shooting

PUBG Mobile

When it comes to FPS shooter games, PUBG mobile frequently pops up. With this in mind, we’ve come up with five tips to improve shooting.

PUBG, or Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, is popular in the Battle Royale genre because of its realistic shooting mechanism and because they were able to bring the classic multiplayer shooting experience to mobile gaming.

When a PUBG adaptation for Android and iOS was revealed, users were concerned about how much dragging, tapping and swiping would be used in the game. The creators (Tencent) have succeeded in making PUBG on mobile far more easy and accessible than on other platforms.

When it comes to shooting, there are many things to keep in mind including enemy movement, distance, recoil and bullet drop.

You may already be aware of some or all of these, but for those who are new to the game, here are our five tips that explain how to improve your shooting in the game.

Five tips to improve shooting

Below We’ve listed five tips which can help you improve your shooting in PUBG.

1. Recoil Control

The recoil is deadly and it usually causes you to miss shots in the auto-fire mode. When aiming, make sure to adjust for the upward or side movement of the crosshairs due to the recoil.

Gradually move the crosshair downward while shooting in full auto mode to stay on target. Alternatively, you can fire single shots which will reduce the recoil and improve your accuracy. This will allow you to shoot your bullets wherever you want.

2. Use Attachments

You may have seen a variety of gun attachments for you to collect. There are a total of five gun attachment categories. They include Foregrip, Magazine, Muzzle, Sight and Stock, depending on the gun you use.

Aside from collecting muzzle and scope attachments, make sure you also collect the rest of the attachments because they are just as important for your overall gun performance.

3. Make Headshots

The best way to quickly kill your enemy is to make headshots. They can cause the most damage no matter the level of helmet you wear. With practice, you’ll learn to control your gun and improve your aim.

For beginners, firearms that have less recoil should be your ideal weapon of choice. You’ll learn to control the recoils and get some practice aiming at the correct spots, then you’ll be able to go for the heavy recoil firearms.

4. Nerve Control

In close battles and high-intensity shootouts, you should know how to control your nerves or you’ll make poor decisions and finally die. While fighting, remember to breathe and think quickly.

Spraying bullets is one thing; precisely targeting your enemy is quite another. You will win in close quarters and thrive in long-range strategy-based engagements if you stay calm.

5. Use Scopes

With a red dot, holograph, or iron sight, don’t try to hit your opponent at long range. Your accuracy will suffer as a result, and you’ll wind up handing over your position to enemy troops. Find a proper scope for your gun in order to shoot at long ranges; scopes such as 2x, 3x, 4x, 6x, and 8x are available in the game.

You can attach them to your weapons to improve their accuracy at a distance, but never open scope if you’re fighting an enemy at close range because you won’t be able to see anything and will die. For close confrontations, attach a canted sight with a scope.

These five tips should help players of all levels improve their shooting, which can be the difference between a win or lose situation.

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