Call of Duty Warzone: How to unlock the H4 Blixen SMG

H4 Blixen SMG

The H4 Blixen SMG is the newest weapon being added with the Call of Duty Warzone and Vanguard Season 3 Reloaded Update. Here’s how you can get your hands on it.

Season 3 Reloaded is about to begin and there’s a considerable amount of new and fresh things being added to the game.

From gameplay improvements to new features, players can expect the new update to shake things up a bit. The Warzone Pacific Season 3 Reloaded patch two new weapons namely the H4 Blixen SMG and the Junkyard Jet Melee Weapon will be making their way into the game.

Sticking to the ongoing Season’s name ‘Classified Arms,’ Activision has been introducing new weapons constantly and the H4 Blixen SMG is the latest addition to the arsenal. 

While the update isn’t out yet, we do know when H4 Blixen SMG will arrive, so here’s how you’ll be able to unlock it in both Warzone and Vanguard Season 3 Reloaded.

How to unlock H4 Blixen SMG

Unlocking the H4 Blixen SMG is pretty simple and will not take much effort. In order to unlock the H4 Blixen, you will need to get 3 kills while sliding in 15 different matches. This SMG-based challenge will be a great chance to show off some skills and score some classic kills using the slide movement mechanic.

If you want to get the H4 Blixen SMG much quicker, there’s another way too. Later in Season 3, you will be able to purchase a Store Bundle that features an H4 Blixen Weapon Blueprint. The H4 Blixen won’t be up for grabs until Vanguard and Warzone Season 3 Reloaded content goes live on May 25.

Unlock the H4 Blixen SMG

However, it’s unclear what the pricing of the bundle will be at this point. You can unlock H4 Blixen in both Warzone and Vanguard multiplayer. Talking a bit about the weapon in a May 23 blog post, the devs stated that the H4 Blixen is on par with or even better than Owen Gun. 

As per the devs, “the H4 Blixen delivers a reliable three-shot kill at a farther range than the Owen Gun, albeit with a slower rate of fire. It also has three more bullets per standard magazine and slightly better Vertical Recoil Control, Aim Down Sight (ADS) speed, and reload quickness.” 

That’s all about how to unlock H4 Blixen SMG in Vanguard and Warzone Season 3 Reloaded.

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