Clash of Clans: How To Prove Your Superiority and Earn Clan War League Medals

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Gaming fans are still enjoying Clash of Clans (CoC) despite it being released nearly 10 years ago and we can reveal how to earn clan war league medals in the game. 

CoC was developed by Supercell and sees players battle on both iOS and Android devices.

The games allows players to gain supremacy over other clans, by going to war with them and winning League Medals and plenty of rewards. 

To get League Medals one needs to participate in Clan War Leagues. Here is how to earn more Clan War League medals in CoC.

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Earn Clan War League Medals  

You need to be in a Clan and be eligible for Clan War League. 

Your Clan needs to be at a high rank to join War Leagues and the Leader needs to enter the War League within two days of the start of the league. 

There also needs to be a minimum of 15 players participating in the League. 

How to Earn Clan War Medals in the Clan War League

The Leader will select members that will be part of the war. For eight days, eight Clans will fight each other and on each day of the tournament, every player on the roster gets one attack and a double loot. 

The more stars a player earns, the more League Medals they stand to win from the war. A player needs to remember that the number of medals they earn is also affected by the Clan’s performance, individual performance and loot bonuses. 

Now here’s the nice and rewarding part, at the end of the eight days, the Clan Leader will reward certain players – with the best performance – with bonus League Medals, so make sure you do your best during the war. 

Clash of Clans Battle
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Earning a lot of League Medals not only gives you bragging rights, but you can head on over to the Home Village shop and use them to upgrade your village, because you’ve earned them! 

Hopefully, eight days of gruelling battles has paid off. If your Clan did well you will be moved to a higher rank or league. A Clan can be placed in a rank that ranges from Bronze III to Champion I. 

If you would like to get more League Medals you need to be active and participate in every Clan War League. 

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