Nintendo Switch Sports: Can You Use the Leg Strap Accessory to Play Football

Nintendo Switch Sports Football

Nintendo won many hearts and minds in the Gaming world with Wii Sports and now we have Nintendo Switch Sports, which also comes with a fan favourite football game. 

In Nintendo Switch Sports, there are six different sporting events, including tennis and bowling, as well as totally new sports like football, volleyball, and badminton. It features local multiplayer and online multiplayer modes for all the sports. 

Before the launch, it was announced that the physical edition of the game will not be available for pre-order yet. During the announcement it was also mentioned that this edition would come with a Leg Strap accessory – a perfect accessory – for the football game. 

The accessory is a little Joy-con pouch used to detect your leg movements that can control the game. It’s pretty cool to see that Nintendo Switch Sports continues with the motion-controlled feature through Joy-con controllers. 

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Can You Use the Leg Strap Accessory to Play Football in Nintendo Switch Sports Yet?

After almost 16 years of bringing fun to many households, Nintendo has given us another sequel in Nintendo Switch Sports and with the late addition of the accessory, many are wondering whether you can you use it to play football on Nintendo Switch Sports. 

As of May 2022, the Leg Strap accessory can’t be used to play any sport outside of the Shoot-out mode, which means, even regular football can’t be played with the accessory. 

Image from Nintendo Switch Sports

This won’t be for long as there is a free update that will be released which will allow the Leg Strap to be used for regular football games. The update on the functionality of the accessory is expected to come around summer.

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