Mario Strikers Battle League: Two Hyper Strikes Revealed

Mario Strikers Cover Art

An upcoming Nintendo Switch title that players can’t wait to get their hands on later this year is Mario Strikers Battle League – which is set to be released on June 10th 2022.

The new Mario game consists of a game of football, but not as you know it. Power-ups, customizable gear and all your favourite characters are included in Nintendo’s take on the most-watched sport on the planet.

Nintendo has had mass amounts of success with this title in the past. Mario Strikers Battle League is the third instalment of the series and the first for the Nintendo Switch, with its predecessors being the Wii title, Mario Strikers Charged and the original being Mario Strikers which was released for the GameCube in 2005.

With the title set to be released very soon, we’ve been receiving various promotional videos from Nintendo, with the latest including two of the new hyper strikes.

Hyper strikes have been a thing in this franchise since the original and essentially it is a charged-up shot which is personal to each character that more or less guarantees you a goal.

These shots also account for not just one, but two goals – so are a massively important aspect of the game if you’re looking for the win.

So with this, let’s take a look at the two hyper strikes that have been revealed in Mario Strikers Battle League.

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Two New Hyper Strikes

Here is the video showcasing the two new ‘hyper strikes’ in Mario Strikers Battle League.

The two characters involved in the video are Yoshi and Mario himself.

Mario’s ability see’s him performing an overhead kick which when released turns into a spiral of fire. The animation looks fantastic and with Mario being a firm fan favourite – expect to see this hyper strike used a lot.

Yoshi’s hyper strike consists of an unusual manoeuvre which cannons off his rear end to turn the ball into an egg which eventually finds its way into the goal.

These types of animations are why people have fallen in love with this game franchise. Combining such a popular sport with this arcade-style approach has proved hugely successful for Nintendo and we’re sure this game will follow suit.

It’s certainly a little different to your standard football games like FIFA 22 and Pro Evolution Soccer – which isn’t a bad thing.

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