Alexa Bliss' perfect response to fan's criticism of WWE presentation

  • Ash Rose

 Alexa Bliss has bitten back at fans who have criticised the change in her entrance music after making her comeback to Raw earlier this month.

The five-time women’s world champion made her return to Raw on May 9, where she defeated Sonya Deville and seemed to evolve into a hyrid of the Bliss’ characters we’d seen previously. 

Although she still had Lily, the doll linked to her darker Bray Wyatt inspired persona, Bliss portrayed a character more like the Goddess we came to know prior to her link-up with The Fiend. 

A week later, Alexa defeated Deville once again but, in the process, cemented the new gimmick by debuting a brand new entrance theme, too. Even taking to social media to share some of the lyrics to the new song. 

“you’re mad you can’t control someone like me you get so weak when you let me be. you get smaller till you fade it’s not my fault what you became. I’m something twisted but you’re insane. Stand up, shut up & fight me”

It hasn’t gone down well with all fans though, and Bliss has fired back at a comment on Instagram  where the person said they were begging to change her new song. The 30-year-old replied by revealing that she helped write the lyrics to the song and it wasn’t going anywhere soon. 

“first time I actually helped with my entrance music – we wrote the lyrics with my acting coach & wwe – gonna stay for a little bit 😘”

On this past Monday’s Raw, Bliss was again in action, and she picked up her third win in a row by defeating former tag team partner Nikki A.S.H. She also appeared so show more of the persona we’re going to see going forward during a backstage interview before her match. 

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