TikTok set to launch major gaming push

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TikTok is set to push heavily into gaming, according to a new report.

Reuters claims that TikTok are starting to test minigames on the Vietnamese version of the app.

They also claim that they plan to bring more and more games into the app over the next few months, starting in the southeast Asian market.

Reuters has made it clear that it isn’t aware of what TikTok plans to do in other regions, such as Europe or North America, but Zynga have already launched a game on the app.

They soft-launched Disco Loco 3D last November in a number of selected regions.

The majority of HTML5 games that are being added to the platform are being published by third-party partners, rather than by TikTok themselves.

A representative of the company told the outlet: “We’re always looking at ways to enrich our platform and regularly test new features and integrations that bring value to our community.”

Disco Loco 3D can be played in the US, as can the game, Garden of Good, where players grow vegetables. That then triggers donations from TikTok to the non-profit charity Feeding America.

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One source contacted by Reuters has claimed that TikTok have greater ambitions than simply publishing minigames, although it is not clear exactly what form that will take.

TikTok is owned by Chinese company ByteDance and the video-sharing app is expected to rely heavily on their gaming library.

Also, the games are set to have adverts from the start, and revenue is likely to be split between the game’s developers and ByteDance.

ByteDance also owns Douyin, which is a Chinese version of TikTok, and users of the former have been able to play games on the platform since 2019, so it makes sense that the developers are now making a new foray into the western app.

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