V Rising: New Steam release tops Elden Ring and GTA in concurrent player charts

V Rising

V Rising has been something of an out-of-nowhere success on Steam recently.

The game is an online base-building open world survival action RPG, that is themed primarily around vampires.

As per IGN, the game has already been a mega hit since launching into Steam Early Access.

That launch came on May 17 and has continually grown in popularity.

Per the aforementioned report, it hit 50,000 concurrent players within a couple of hours of being releases, and the 24-hour peak, as it stands, is in excess of 150,000.

What that means is that, in the time period noted, more people have played V Rising than Elden Ring, one of the biggest AAA releases of the year.

The game has been developed by Stunlock, and the community manager, Jeremy Fielding, confirmed that even the developers did not expect the game to be so successful.

He said: “I absolutely did not expect this many people. I don’t think anybody expected it to be quite this big.”

In V Rising, you’ll fully customise your own vampire, and you’ll need blood. You’ll start off in a survival game and it will then develop into an open world adventure. There’s co-op too, and online PvP multiplayer.

Fielding has confirmed that very few people actually seemed interested in the game when it was first revealed back in 2021.

V Rising

He added: “It’s been a slow ramp-up. A very small company with a brand new IP? It took a lot of people a long time to start to take notice.

“We really started to get a lot of attention when we went into closed beta, when people really got an opportunity to get their hands on the game

“I think that’s when they started paying attention, which makes sense.

“People just want to play. When you’re just hearing about the concept it’s really hard to grasp what it is.

“We have a fairly unique game that’s kind of hard to explain – we say dark fantasy vampire survival action RPG – and when you say that there’s a million different things your brain can do with it. I think it doesn’t really process until you see it or feel it.”

The developers now have plans to keep moving V Rising forward ahead of a full launch down the line.

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