Atlanta Falcons fan goes to extreme lengths with an incredibly decorated house

One Atlanta Falcons fan has gone all out when it comes to showing his support for their team by plastering their house and their cars in red attire.

As we know, the term ‘fan’ is short for ‘fanatic’, meaning that we tend to get very emotional when it comes to things that we support and root for, perhaps more than can be deemed reasonable by a normal standard.

And there are plenty of fans out there who have become notorious and synonymous with their teams in the NFL, whether it be The Black Hole that made their name following the Las Vegas Raiders during their time in Oakland, the Dawg Pound that follows the Cleveland Browns or the notorious Bills Mafia and their antics ahead of Buffalo Bills games.

You don’t even have to be in a group either to make yourself stand out from the crowd, a lot of football fans (the round kind) in the U.K will be able to spot John Portsmouth Football Club Westwood out of a crowd whilst stateside fans might remember the notorious ‘Whistle Monsta’ from the New Orleans Saints.

Making a public spectacle 

In a game like American football where there are occasional lulls in the game, it does help to have a fan or a group to turn to in order to stay entertained. Maybe if your team is losing, it can help to help take your mind off of things, and when you’re winning they can really help get the atmosphere going to get the team over the line.

However one fan has taken things to a whole different level, not only getting themselves involved, but also their house and a lot more on top of that. 

Black and red all over

A Twitter account called @ATLuncensored has posted a video from a house in Georgia that shows the extent to which one fan has gone to show their support for the Atlanta Falcons, not only painting their house red, but also their cars to make sure their support goes wherever they do:

We can only imagine just how much it would have cost to get everything the way they wanted, from the big things like painting the house and making sure the cars were the right colour, all the way down to the little bench in front with the Falcons logo on it.

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