Sniper Elite 5: All Missions and DLC Content

Sniper Elite 5 All Missions

Wondering what missions you will be able to take on in Sniper Elite 5? Here’s a full list of all missions along with the DLC content planned to come with the game.

Rebellion Developments marks the latest addition to the shooter series and is set in 1944, at the peak of the Second World War. The Allies have discovered a secret Nazi plot codenamed ‘Projekt Kraken’ capable of turning the tide of the war in the Axis’ favour. 

You play as US sniper Karl Fairburne once again and are tasked with the responsibility of defending France and putting an end to Projekt Kraken before it’s too late. 

The game also has co-op and crossplay, allowing players to play together irrespective of the platform. Similar to previous games in the series, the latest entry also has numerous missions for you to take on and complete. 

In this article, we will list down all the missions in Sniper Elite 5 and also share details surrounding the Wolf Mountain DLC.

All Sniper Elite 5 Missions and DLC Content 

Sniper Elite 5

There are a total of eight missions in Sniper Elite 5, which are comprehensive and will have you doing multiple objectives. Every in-game mission can be replayed multiple times and you can choose to take whichever path suits you the most.

You can take a look at the complete mission list and goal descriptions for Sniper Elite 5 below:

  • The Atlantic Wall (Mission 1) – Weaken the Atlantic wall and rendezvous with Blue Viper.
  • Occupied Residence (Mission 2) – Raid Chateau de Berengar and Möller’s Office.
  • Spy Academy (Mission 3) – Infiltrate Beaumont-Saint-Denis and Uncover Operation Kraken.
  • War Factory (Mission 4) – Destroy Operation Kraken’s production facility at Martressac.
  • Festung Guernsey (Mission 5) – Destroy the Prototype Stealth U-Boat hidden in Festung Guernsey.
  • Libération (Mission 6) – Liberate Desponts-sur-Douve and secure Allied transport routes.
  • Secret Weapons (Mission 7) – Destroy the V2 Launch Sites and Uncover the target of Operation Kraken.
  • Mission 8 – Stop Operation Kraken and sink its deadly fleet.
  • Epilogue – Ending of the Sniper Elite 5 story. Not a complete mission.

Sniper Elite 5 is also getting its own DLC in the form of Wolf Mountain where players will have to kill Hitler. This is a part of the pre-order DLC for the game and as of writing, not much is known about the Wolf Mountain DLC for the game, except for the fact that it is in no way part of the game’s main campaign. That’s about everything about all the missions in Sniper Elite 5 and the Wolf Mountain DLC.

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