COD Mobile Season 5: How to Get the Tactical Echo Grenade

Unlock Echo Grenade COD Mobile Season 5

Wondering how you can get the Tactical Echo Grenade in COD Mobile Season 5. Then, we have got your back.

Every new COD Mobile season brings fresh, unique and engaging things to the game and Season 5 seems to be no different. The upcoming season is releasing next month and Activision has a lot of stuff planned.

From new maps, Battle Pass, weapons and modes, Season 5 looks packed with content to keep the players engaged. There’s also new tactical equipment called Echo Grenades making their way into the game alongside a familiar rifle from the 2019 Modern Warfare Call of Duty game.

When the new season starts, the new map called Apocalypse will automatically become available to all players. There are a lot of items that players will be able to unlock and use during the season.

Here’s how to get the Echo Grenade in COD Mobile Season 5.

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How to Get the Tactical Echo Grenade

Echo Grenade COD Mobile Season 5

Unlocking rewards or items in COD Mobile has never been a difficult affair and the same goes for Echo Grenade in COD Mobile Season 5. New equipment in a season is normally linked to that season’s Battle Pass because they are added as rewards within. 

To unlock the Echo Grenade in COD Mobile Season 5 you will need to reach the Tier 50 of the free Battle Pass. Once you reach level 50 the grenade will be unlocked and you will be able to use it in matches. Since it is a free reward, you won’t need to buy the Battle Pass.

The Echo Grenade can reveal the position of opponents as well as a variety of camos, Weapon Blueprints, and the From the Grave Calling Card. Once you throw the grenade, upon impact, it will use pulses to show enemies through any obstacles. However, it only works for a few seconds.

The Echo Grenade detects enemy locations via sound waves and is the same as the Dragonfire scorestreak, which many pro players use to indicate enemy positions in competitions. These can be considered similar in function to snapshot grenades or portable UAVs. 

There is a way to counter the Echo items, to keep your position hidden is by equipping the Ghost perk, which also blocks streaks such as enemy UAVs or other radar devices.

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