WWE fans loved Liv Morgan's 'career-ending' dig at Rhea Ripley's new look

Liv Morgan Rhea Ripley WWE

Liv Morgan has provided her fans with some social media entertainment after firing shots at Rhea Ripley in a recent Twitter post.

The feud between the two WWE Superstars continues to boil over after Ripley betrayed her former tag team partner last month.

Following her shock heel turn, the Aussie joined Edge’s new all-heel wrestling stable The Judgement Day and introduced a new image to mark this dark new chapter.

After joining Edge and Damian Priest, Ripley adopted a new nickname, The Eradicator. Her gimmick now serves The Judgement Day, which she is portraying through darker hair and makeup, as well as new face paint to give a nod to the faction.

Ripley’s makeup has always played a big role in her wrestling persona, and a small detail under her left eye has been a trademark feature of hers for some time now.

At first, she wore a simple X on her cheek, before switching it up to the letter R during her partnership with Nikki A.S.H.

Then, when she teamed up with Morgan, the duo came up with the hybrid team name ‘Liv 4 Brutality’, which Ripley would also reference by adding an ‘L4B’ marking to her makeup.

Her trademark stamp has changed once again since joining forces with Edge, and The Eradicator now sports the brass scales associated with The Judgement Day.

Edge’s new persona of an omnipotent entity and the religious connotations surrounding his stable means the judgement scales are a great symbol to represent this group. But Morgan was unable to stop herself from poking fun at her rival’s new persona in a sassy Twitter post.

She retweeted an image of Ripley and wrote: “You’re the most unbalanced libra I ever met,” clearly referencing The Eradicator’s makeup and the scales emoji used in the caption.

While Ripley’s zodiac sign is indeed libra, which is of course represented by the scales, it’s simply a coincidence and good luck that the scales are a poignant symbol for the Aussie wrestler for more than one reason.

Fans of Morgan have been loving the quick-witted swipe at her former ally, but it’s hard to tell whether her supporters are laughing at the irony of the scales symbolism or simply enjoying some astrology-themed insults. Either way, the tweet has picked up a lot of engagement.

“Rest in peace Ripples,” one fan wrote alongside an image of Ripley lying flat out on her back.

“I’m cackling, that burn is career ending right there. Get her Liv,” another boldly said.

The two wrestlers have been goading each other since Liv 4 Brutality split back in April.

Ripley has been sarcastically using Morgan’s phrase ‘Watch Me’ and they have also met inside the ring on numerous occasions as rivals.

Morgan has allied with AJ Styles and Finn Balor and it seems a feud between the new trio and The Judgement Day is going to become a regular occurrence on Monday Night Raw.

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