Forspoken Rating Revealed in Europe

Rating for Forspoken

A new rating for Forspoken has appeared in Europe by PEGI, giving us a better idea of what the game will have when it launches later this year.

Developed exclusively for PC and PlayStation 5, Forspoken is an upcoming action role-playing video game which is being developed by Luminous Productions, with Square Enix acting as the publisher. 

During the early stages of development, the game was known as Project Athia and will be about a girl called Frey Holland, who is mysteriously transported from New York City to the fantasy world of Athia.

After suffering a delay, Forspoken is slated to release on 11th October and was recently rated in Europe by PEGI, receiving an 18 rating. An 18 or above age rating means that the game will feature some adult content or use of swear/cuss words. 

Here’s all you need to know about this newly emerged Forspoken rating in Europe.

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Forspoken has been Rated 18 in Europe by PEGI


After a few months of being silent, we finally are getting some Forspoken news and it all seems to hint that the game won’t be seeing any further delays or pushbacks. A new rating in Europe by PEGI has appeared and the game has received an age rating of 18 or above.

As per the rating board, this is due to the “use of strong language (‘f**k’), as well as milder terms,” along with violence, both realistic and in the fantasy setting. The use of alcohol and the presence of in-game purchases are also quoted as explanations for the rating. 

The PEGI website says, “the player’s character can order alcoholic drinks at a bar. The drinks affect the player’s statistics, but do so in a random manner with negative outcomes possible.” This could mean that we might be able to hit to the nearest bar and grab drinks. 

The PEGI claims, “the game also includes scenes of realistic violence, including a woman being set upon by a group of thugs who punch and kick her and hold a gun to her head. There is also violence against fantasy characters, who are knocked backwards by attacks and bleed yellow blood.”

The rating board further mentioned that the game also features a scene where it looks as if the main character intends to drunkenly take her own life, before being saved by an unknown character. Forspoken seems to be leaning on quite a mature tone if the ratings are anything to go by.

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