Tony Bellew passionately defends Eddie Hearn after Good Morning Britain debate

  • Tom Ward

Tony Bellew leapt to the defence of his former boss Eddie Hearn after he clashed with a campaigner on Good Morning Britain defending boxing.

Anthony Joshua‘s promoter, 42, struggled to keep his cool during an interview with activist Peter McCabe – CEO of brain injury charity Headway – over whether the sport encourages violence or teaches ambition and mental discipline.

McCabe has called for the sport to be banned, because he argues there are so many sports that teach discipline and encourage kids to train and work and have ambition and those sports don’t involve hitting somebody in the head.’

He continued: “The ultimate way to win a boxing contest is to render your opponent senseless…”

Bellew, who retired after being knocked out by Oleksandr Usyk in 2018, took exception to McCabe’s comments.

The 39-year-old ring legend, who has teamed up with Weapons Down Gloves Up to help combat knife crime in Liverpool, insisted that he doesn’t know what he is talking about.

Bellew told iFL TV: “The fella’s a w***er, he hasn’t got a clue about boxing.

“That t**head is talking about a sport that has saved so many lives – mine included – and basically labelled us as barbarians and idiots.

Tony Bellew is the former WBC cruiserweight champion

“But he hasn’t taken into context of does he know how many lives when you go to an amateur boxing gym are saved?

“Does he understand how many children that have got nowhere to go and nothing to do now have something in their lives?

“I’ve witnessed it and this clown is talking about my sport like he knows.

“Just go in a gym and experience it first, ball bag, and then come back and tell me.

“Absolute idiot who has not got a clue.

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Eddie Hearn

Where was Eddie Hearn born?

“And then talking about brain surgeons… Well, okay, are we going to stop racing car driving? Is that what we’re going to stop next? Are we going to stop the NFL?

“Because just as many people end up brain damaged or dying in those sports as they do in boxing, you f***ing idiot, so don’t disrespect my sport and drag it down to where you’re saying when you haven’t got the slightest clue.

“What a numpty. What a t**. F***ing barnpot.”

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