Mario Strikers Battle League: Nintendo show off gear customisation

Princess Peach Mario Strikers

Mario Strikers Battle League is coming out very soon for the Nintendo Switch and now we have a gear customisation trailer to get us excited for its release.

The third instalment in this series is just two and a half weeks away from launch now and due to this Nintendo has been stepping up from a promotional side of things, releasing various videos in order to generate excitement for the release on June 10th 2022.

There have been two previous Mario Strikers titles on both the Nintendo Wii and the GameCube, but now the popular franchise is back and it looks better than ever on the Nintendo Switch console. Branded with the new slogan, ‘Anything goes on this pitch!’, Nintendo tells fans to prepare for a five-on-five sport like football that’s way heavy on offence.

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Atari 2600

Can you guess which genre-defining classic was the best selling video game from 1982?

Nintendo’s description of the game also reads:

“Aim for goals by dribbling and passing to teammates, as well as using tackles, items and crushing special shots. If you spot an orb on the pitch, grab it and charge it up while your opponents are distracted to unleash Hyper Strike, a special shot that can earn you two goals in one!”

“Customise your team as you see fit by equipping them with gear that changes not only their appearance, but also their stats like speed, strength, and pass accuracy.”

So, there are many new features – but here we’ll be focusing on the above statement about gear customization, where Nintendo has released a short video. Scroll down below to see it.

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Mario Strikers Battle League Gear Customisation Trailer

Mario Strikers Battle League cover art

So here is it, the Mario Strikers Battle League gear customisation trailer.

In the trailer, we can see Princess Peach sporting some of the new collectables. It showcased the idea that different forms of gear have different kinds of effects on your character.

For example in the video, Peach applies the ‘Muscle Boots’ which increased her strength by two but also decreased her speed by two as well.

This opens up many possibilities for players and allows fans to tailor their characters to exactly how they want them to play.

The trailer is branded with the slogan ‘You gotta get dressed up, to get messed up’ which kind of personifies the chaotic nature of this wacky Nintendo title.

Check out the trailer here below.

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