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V Rising

Becoming a vampire lord in V Rising isn’t as easy as it sounds, which is why we’ve created this gaming guide with a few tips for beginners.

Stunlock Studios’ V Rising is a survival game in which you take on the role of a vampire who has awoken from their slumber. While hunting creatures, extending your realm, and conquering humanity, you explore Vardoran. Understanding the lay of the land the way you would in other survival games can be highly challenging for a new player.

There’s exploring, fighting enemies, crafting weapons and armour, learning new technologies, killing, bosses, and building grand gothic cathedrals.

Some of these systems may stun you with their depth and the combat is skill-based and multi-layered, whilst the construction of structures needs careful planning, especially on PvP servers. Because sunlight is lethal to vampires, the transition between day and night is critical.

This is why we’ve put together a beginner’s guide on anything from dealing with the sun to navigating the map that will help you survive the harsh region of Vardoran and become the ultimate vampire.

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V Rising Beginner Tips

Learn how to become the ultimate vampire with these beginner tips. (They’re not in any particular order)

1. Choose Your Blood Type Carefully

In V Rising, blood is what keeps the world turning. Blood replenishes your health, keeps your fortress standing, and improves your vampire’s abilities. From your blood pool, your vampire regains health. If your blood pool runs out, you’ll gradually lose health until you’re left with only one. To replenish your blood supply, you’ll need to feed on low-health humans or creatures or eat rats and hearts. You will obtain a blood type based on the adversary after eating, however, you will lose your already equipped blood type.

Every enemy has a different blood type, blood quality, and buffs. They are listed below:

  • Brute blood: Increases health recovery, primary attack speed, and primary damage.
  • Creature blood: Enhances movement speed, sun resistance, damage reduction, and health regeneration.
  • Rogue blood Increases critical strike probability and movement speed and reduces the cooldown on Travel Skill.
  • Scholar blood: Increases spell power and spell life leech, as well as reduces spell cooldowns.
  • Warrior blood: Boosts physical strength and decreases weapon skill damage and cooldown.
  • Worker blood: Boosts resource yield, resource damage, and mount gallop speed.

You’ll get better benefits if your blood quality is higher. Depending on the situation, each blood type should be used. You’ll desire worker blood when you’re gathering, but it won’t help you in combat.

Blood repair is an excellent way to heal oneself, but it depletes your pool quickly, therefore it should only be used in emergencies. To keep your buffs for as long as possible, you’ll want to keep your blood pool high.

V Rising

2. Avoid The Sun

It should go without saying that you should keep your vampire out of direct sunlight. If you stay in the sun for even a few seconds, you’ll begin to take massive amounts of damage until eventually burning up and dying. When you’re feeding on humans during the day, stay in densely forested locations. If you need to travel across vast, open distances, you can use your Veil of Blood ability, which gives you a couple of seconds of indestructibility.

When you need to remain still, as you will if you plan on building a castle, things get a little difficult. The placement and amount of shadows in V Rising alter depending on the position of the sun, just like in real life. You’ll have to follow the shadow cast by a single tree throughout the day if you’re counting on it to keep your vampire alive. If you’re harvesting timber, keep this in mind because it’s very simple to be exposed to the sun’s scorching rays without any natural shelter around.

3. Gather Everything

V Rising is mostly a survival game, which includes a robust crafting and collecting system. To build a castle, make gear, and continue through the tasks, you’ll need a lot of materials. You should gather and keep as many resources as possible, as each one has a certain purpose.

V Rising

4. Never Waste Materials

V Rising is one of the few crafting games that keeps materials relevant to the finish, so never waste resources if you can avoid it. Instead, start by creating a few chests in your base, and you should be able to stack all of the materials in the game.

5. Use Specialized Tools

Axes for lumber, maces for minerals, spears for creatures, and swords for greenery are all the tools that help speed up the harvesting process. On the other hand, any weapon can harvest any resource of that weapon’s level. Copper axes, for example, can collect sulphur, but maces do a better job. If you don’t have enough resources to make each tool type, make your favourite or the tool that corresponds to the resource you most need. Look for units with worker blood type, as this will enhance resource yield and speed up the collection process.

Not everything will be directly supplied to the player, as it is in practically every other online survival crafting game, and character progress will ultimately rely on experimentation and exploration. With these tips in mind, gamers may discover that they have an easier time not only surviving but thriving in the world of V Rising.

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