Tom Aspinall dubs Curtis Blaydes 'one of the most dangerous men in the world'

As far as heavyweight prospects go in mixed martial arts, it’s tough to find someone as well-rounded as UFC star Tom Aspinall.

The 29-year-old burst onto the UFC scene less than two years ago and in that time he’s already been able to put together a 5-0 run with the MMA leader. All five of those wins came via finish and in the process, he broke the record for the quickest time taken to reach five victories in the promotion.

That’s no accident, either, as Aspinall appears to blend speed, precision and technical ability together better than 90% of fighters out there today.

His last success came against Alexander Volkov back in March and just four months on from that night, he’ll be back at the O2 Arena for the sequel to spring’s epic event in the English capital.

When speaking exclusively to, the pride of Manchester noted how happy he is to be getting back in there so quickly.

“I like a quick turnaround. Even though I had a short fight last time I was already fit going into camp which was very nice.”

“I’ve not just sat on the couch from my last fight to now. I’ve still been training every day. I’m the type of person, I can’t spend too long out, I’m obsessed with training. I’m in the gym non-stop and I’m feeling fresh and ready to go.”

“I’m just like, OCD. If I’m missing one day of training, I can’t rest! I’m non-stop.”

The toughest test yet

If Aspinall is going to take another giant leap towards the title, he’ll have to go through Curtis Blaydes.

‘Razor’ has only lost to Francis Ngannou and Derrick Lewis in his pro career and when asked about guarding against complacency, Tom noted that he’s well aware of what he’s facing on July 23.

“I’m fighting one of the most dangerous men in the world. I can’t just sit down and think I’m a superstar now that I’ve got a big win. Now I’m fighting one of the top five guys in the world, so I ain’t gonna get complacent on that.”

The Kaobon sensation also didn’t appear too concerned with Blaydes’ past comments regarding Europeans not being as effective with their wrestling.

“I think it’s a good job we’re not having a wrestling match then, we’re having an MMA fight. So, that’s fine. If he doesn’t think we’re good at wrestling that’s alright, we’re not wrestling. We’re doing MMA.”

That special night in March will be hard to top but if anyone believes it’s possible, it’s the #6 ranked heavyweight on the planet.

“I think that [March’s card] was just a taster of what’s to come, to be honest. I think the next one is gonna be even more wild. It could potentially be one of the wildest UFC cards ever, with the crowd and stuff. Everyone now knows what to expect and we’ve set the bar pretty high, and I think we’re gonna surpass it next time, I think.”

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