J.D. McKissic's insane catch in OTAs should leave Washington Commanders fans buzzing

Washington Commanders running back J. D. McKissic pulled off an unbelievable catch and run during OTAs that left his teammates buzzing.

The Washington Commanders are in a very weird place right now as it pertains to how successful they can be. They picked up 7 wins in each of the last two seasons, although in the 2020 season that was enough to give them the division crown because the NFC East was so bad.

So they will be looking to make a jump this season to make sure that they can be seen as contenders for the division crown through merit this time rather than luck, and with newly acquired QB Carson Wentz at the helm, who helped guide the Philadelphia Eagles to a Super Bowl, confidence should be high.

And if they can get some more plays out of their players similar to what J.D McKissic was able to pull off in OTAs, then they might be in for something of a stellar season.

A point to prove 

McKissic is something of a journeyman within the NFL, having been undrafted coming into the league in 2016, he’s bounced around the likes of the Atlanta Falcons, Detroit Lions and Seattle Seahawks before joining Washington in 2020.

In that time the running back has amassed just 979 rushing yards and 4 touchdowns in his 5 seasons in the league so far, and with plenty of competition within the ranks at Fedex Field, he needs to do something to stand out from the rest.

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Doing just that

There are multiple elements of this play that need to be broken down and admired. First off you have the one-handed catch which is impressive on its own, and then you have the incredible fake spin move to shake off James Smith-Williams, combine it together and you have one brilliant play all-round:

Now obviously this has to be tempered by the fact that it was just practice and players weren’t even in pads so couldn’t fully hit.

But even so it’s still a remarkable play and the only way it could be more impressive is if he could eventually do it in a game.

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