Lionel Messi: Twitter thread of his most clutch goals goes viral

Lionel Messi: Twitter thread of his most clutch goals goes viral

Cristiano Ronaldo might be the most renowned clutch player of modern times, but his eternal rival Lionel Messi is no slouch when it comes to individual brilliance under pressure.

Throughout his legendary career at both club and international level, Messi has risen to the occasion when the chips have been down on numerous occasions.

His record may not be quite as insane as Ronaldo’s, but a Twitter thread of Messi’s greatest clutch goals has recently gone viral, celebrating 16 examples where the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner had pure ice running through his veins.

Racking up an impressive 14,200 likes, fans have clearly enjoyed reminiscing over Messi’s last-gasp heroics.

Whether bagging four goals for Barcelona to single-handedly dump Arsenal out of the Champions League, producing moments of magic to win crucial La Liga clashes from nowhere or being the difference-maker for Argentina on the international stage, Messi has come up with the goods far more often than his reputation might lead you to believe.

Even the biggest Ronaldo supporter would struggle to knock Messi’s track record for a pivotal goal when checking out this lot. Some absolute clutch gold here.

Twitter thread celebrating Lionel Messi’s greatest clutch goals goes viral

Helping yourself to a hat-trick to send your country to the World Cup finals is no mean feat – and nor is posting a treble to rescue a draw for Barcelona in El Clasico.

Better than a draw against Real Madrid though, is netting a late winner. Messi’s managed to accomplish both during his iconic career.

Elsewhere, Barcelona’s greatest ever goalscorer came up with the strike that secured his side the 2014/15 La Liga crown.

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It’s not quite on the level of Ronaldo going on a solo rescue mission to keep Manchester United in the Champions League this season, but then Messi’s teams have never been in the same level of dire need as this season’s Red Devils side.

That said, the little magician’s record of pulling rabbits out of hats for club and country is still up there with the very best in history.

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