Apex Legends Mobile: Insane first week income figures revealed

Apex Legends Mobile Season 1

Apex Legends Mobile has had a superb launch week as it has already managed to amass almost $5 million or 3.8 million pounds in just a week’s time.

The mobile gaming scene has seen a tremendous boost in the recent decade or so and as more and more developers are looking to have a piece of the pie, new games are making their way onto the mobile platform.

Respawn Entertainment recently launched its smash hit Apex Legends Mobile globally this month and after a long time being in limited beta, the game is now available for everyone to check out for free.

Season 1 has kicked off and it looks as if players are already hooked to the whole experience as new reports suggest that Apex Legends Mobile is assessed to have made almost $5 million via micro-transactions during its first week.

Apex Legends Mobile earns nearly £4 Million in its first week

While the game is a free to play experience, Respawn has added a storefront along with Battle Pass, which means players can spend money on cosmetic items and gun skins.

According to mobile data tracking business Sensor Tower, Apex Legends Mobile is estimated to have generated $4.8 million or £3.8 Million (GBP) via player spending i.e. microtransactions in just a week since its arrival on the App Store and Google Play.

In terms of places with the top spending, the US emerged as the biggest country for player spending, constituting 44% ($2.1 million) of total revenue, followed by Japan and Thailand. 

Apex Legends Mobile

When compared with other mobile Battle Royale games, PUBG Mobile earned about $600,000 in the seven days after monetisation was added to the game back in April 2018. While Activision’s Call of Duty: Mobile managed to earn $14.8 million in its first week after its October 2019 release, as per Sensor Tower. 

So, all in all, it appears as if Apex Legends Mobile is off to a great start and the momentum will continue to build as more players join and the seasons go by. Apex Legends Mobile was the most downloaded iPhone game in 60 countries on May 17., including countries like the US, UK, Japan, India, and Germany.

It will be interesting to see what more new things the developers have in store for the game and what all new legends will be making their mobile debut. 

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