Hilarious God of War mod now features Simpsons characters

I find it hard to imagine something like this in God of War – but after seeing it I can’t look away: Homer Simpson becomes Kratos and Bart becomes Atreus respectively.

In the four years since the game launched, mods for God of War have become popular among modders, and with the recent move on PCs, the mods offer a whole new gaming experience to players.

However, Omega Fantasy’s latest modification of the game replaces its father-son duo with another iconic pair from The Simpsons: Hit and Run.

Twitter user NextGenPlayer recently shared images and a video of the Simpsons God of War mod, which features yellow characters exploring Midgard.

A few Simpsons characters appear in the mod, including the noisy neighbour Ned, although others may be added in the future.

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From Springfield to the realm of Midgard

Homer Simpson: God of War mod

Despite the large characters, which makes it rather hilarious in a few situations, as their bodies can merge into one another.

However, the standout detail of the mod has to be the voiceovers of Homer and Bart, with many lines referring back to the hit animated show.

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Atari 2600

Can you guess which genre-defining classic was the best selling video game from 1982?

With this modification, the Leviathan Axe from Kratos is changed with the Wonderbat which was seen in the third season of the animated series, almost three decades ago.

Gamers can definitely enjoy this modification as it brings two worlds together, with action and some comedy.

There are also character other mods that God of War players can find on the Internet at the moment, and from the look of them, using them can be quite fun.

In the meantime, a direct sequel titled God of War: Ragnarok is set to release later this year for PS4 and PS5

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