V Rising: Combat Tips And Tricks

V Rising

When you first start, V Rising can be a very difficult game and we’ve listed eight combat tips and tricks to help players.

Generally, in gaming, enemies are relentless, hit hard, and if you take enough damage, they can even deactivate a piece of your health bar.

To survive in Vardaron, you’ll need a sturdy castle, continual research and crafting, and a solid grasp of the game’s health and combat systems.

We’ll go over some tips and tricks in this tutorial to help you survive V Rising’s harsher combat battles early on.

We’ll also go over how the health system works, how to recover your HP, and some basic advice to help you survive tough encounters.

Here are our essential combat tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your experience in V Rising.

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Combat Tips And Tricks

With these eight tips and tricks, players will have a better chance of surviving on the battlefield. Please note that these tips and tricks are in no particular order.

V Rising

1. Alternate Your Weapons

Each weapon in V Rising has its own attack combos and abilities. The rarity of the item you’re using determines how many abilities it has unlocked. Copper unlocks one weapon’s ability, whereas Iron and higher unlock both. The harvesting weapons, such as axes and maces, have their own attack animations and powers.

That’s why alternating weapons in the middle of a fight may be quite beneficial. The “Q” ability of the Spear provides massive damage against single targets, whilst the “Q” ability of the Mace is a strong AoE smash that also serves as a mobility skill. If you alternate weapons, they share cooldowns, but don’t let that stop you from alternating weapons in the middle of combat. Switching between weapon abilities gives you significantly more battle options than someone who just uses one weapon type.

2. Don’t Fight During The Day

You’re a vampire at the end of the day and in V Rising, all vampires are fatally allergic to the sun. You’ll burst into flames and receive massive damage if you get too close to the sun for more than a few seconds. To prevent consuming lethal quantities of vitamin D, hide in the shadows or near a Mist Brazier, or simply avoid fighting during the day.

The latter is recommended because the sun’s shadows will alter throughout the day. In less than a minute, what was previously a shaded area in a boss arena can evaporate. When the night is still young, begin your hunts and any other outside activities. Spend the day upgrading your castle, doing research, and crafting.

V Rising

3. Experiment With Abilities

The major source of making blueprints and vampire skills is completing V Blood hunts from your Blood Altar. Check your ability page (default “J”) to see which powers you’ve unlocked and which you haven’t utilized yet. There are five major capabilities, a movement skill, and two ultimate abilities in each element. Experiment to determine what best suits your playstyle. To fill out that primary playstyle, you can focus on gear qualities, blood type, and weaponry.

4. Feed To Execute Enemies

Your vampire’s feeding ability is critical for keeping his blood gauge full and boosting him. It’s usually employed at the very end of a fight to collect a powerful enemy’s blood, although it can also be used as a finisher in the middle of a fight.

You can feed on an adversary if you reduce their health to zero. You can cancel the blood harvest at any point after you start feeding on prey by pressing Left-Click. This will stop the animation and kill the target quickly without affecting your blood gauge, placing feed on a short cooldown. If a target has low HP but is still causing you problems, use feed to finish the animation instantly. This won’t work with V Blood enemies, but it’ll come in useful during frantic battles.

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5. Have Healing Consumables On Hand

Because it’s dangerous to use Blood Mend in the middle of a fight, you’ll want to have another kind of healing on hand. Vermin Salves and [Blood Bag Potions] are two notable healing items you can utilize in the early game. Vermin Salves are quite simple to manufacture and may be made right from your inventory. Once you have an Alchemy Station in your castle, you can make Blood Bags. Keep a handful of them on you at all times to help you heal during combat.

6. How The Health Bar Works

You’ll lose a chunk of your health if you engage in combat and suffer damage. If you lose a significant amount of HP (around 25%), part of your health bar will be greyed out for the rest of the battle. Even if you employ Blood Mend, greyed-out HP cannot be repaired until the battle is over.

Some skills and consumable items, notably salves and potions, can be used to recover any lost HP that isn’t greyed out. Once you’re out of the fight, use the Blood Mend vampire ability to restore any greyed-out HP, which will consume your blood gauge for every second it’s used.

V Rising

Your blood gauge is a separate resource from your health bar that governs your character’s passive benefits. This gauge slowly depletes over time, but it depletes more quickly if you activate Blood Mend or Human Form. You’ll lose a small amount of HP per second until your health hits one point when your blood gauge is empty.

Feeding on humans allows you to regain your blood gauge. The passive advantages of blood are determined by the type of blood a person has. When you consume the same blood type several times, their percentage quality does not accumulate; instead, it overrides your blood quality.

7. Upgrade Your Weapons

You’ll want to upgrade your weaponry as quickly as possible, as I indicated briefly previously. Higher-quality weapons will not only deliver more damage but will also unlock new powers. One weapon’s ability is unlocked by upgrading from Bone to Copper. Copper to Iron allows you to use a second weapon. To unlock your complete set of powers, upgrade your weaponry as soon as feasible.


8. Use Blood Mend

You can bring up a tiny selection of vampire skills that are independent of your Hotbar abilities by holding Left Control. Blood Mend is one of these skills, and it is your primary source of healing after a fight. This ability immobilizes you by consuming a portion of your blood gauge every second to restore your health bar and any greyed-out chunks. When fighting is over, use this ability to replenish your HP.

Enemies will respawn after you’ve killed them, so don’t stay too long after you’ve cleared regions or you’ll have to fight your way out. We hope that these tips and tricks help you win your next combat battle.

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