Floyd Mayweather's savage retort to interviewer live on TV will never get old

  • Tom Ward

Floyd Mayweather famously lost his cool after a fiery clash with a TV host on SportsCenter in May 2009.

The boxing legend, 45, got increasingly wound up during an interview with American sportscaster Brian Kenny after he was addressed as the ‘former’ No1 pound-for-pound fighter in the world.

Mayweather appeared on ESPN to preview his then upcoming championship fight with Juan Manuel Marquez.

He struggled to control his temper as Kenny made the Freudian slip before all hell broke loose.

Kenny started off by saying: “We welcome into Sports Center the former number one pound-for-pound fighter in the world, Floyd Mayweather. Floyd, welcome back. We’ve missed you Floyd.”

“Hey, how you doing? I’m not the former number one pound-for-pound fighter, I’m the best fighter in the sport of boxing,” Mayweather claimed.

“No-one has dethroned me. How am I not the pound-for-pound best fighter in the world? You tell me.”

Kenny to his credit stood his ground.

WATCH: Floyd Mayweather lost his cool with Brian Kenny on SportsCenter in May 2009

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“Because you retired,” he told Mayweather.

To which he replied: “But have I ever been beat?”

Kenny added: “But what happened is you informed Ring Magazine you were retiring as welterweight champion…”

Mayweather interjected: “Oh I forgot who I’m talking to, I’m talking to Brian Kenny, a guy who’s never laced up gloves a day in his life, who don’t know nothing about boxing.”

Kenny however wasn’t affected by the criticism in the slightest.

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He chuckled: “It’s good to have you back in top form already. You retired, Floyd. What, you want to be champion emeritus forever? You walked away, you actually retired.”

But Mayweather arguably saved the best till last before replying: “You don’t know nothing about boxing. What are you talking about?

“Once again, like I said before, we’re talking to Brian Kenny, a man of many traits, a master of nothing.”

Boxing fans noticed Mayweather’s irritation during the show after it resurfaced on social media and expressed their support for him.

“Man of many traits, master of nothing is an all-time backhanded compliment,” wrote one fan on Twitter.

Another added: “Watched this live on SportsCenter and it’s still as funny as when it first happened.”

And a third wrote: “I remember this like it was yesterday.”

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