PlayStation 5: Sony Reveals Insane Sales Numbers Per Minute

Playstation 5 Sales

PlayStation 5 is undoubtedly among the hottest pieces of gaming technology and as per the manufacturer, the PlayStation 5 has sold record numbers per minute, when compared to the PlayStation 4.

Sony unveiled its latest generation of console the PlayStation 5 two years ago and it soon managed to take over the console space by storm. Despite chip shortage and the pandemic, the new generation console sold a massive amount of units.

While there are still many who haven’t gotten their hands on a new PS5, sales figures revealed by Sony shows that the newest generation consoles are doing pretty well.

The recent sales figures of the PlayStation 5 establishes that the console is still high in demand, as the PS5 has sold record units per minute. This is really big for the company as the console still suffers from a major supply shortage.

PS5 Sales Numbers Outperform PlayStation 4 Sales Within 90 Minutes

Playstation 5

The PlayStation 4, when it was first launched was a smash hit, selling record numbers. Global chip shortage have impacted PS5 sales and limited supply, Sony seems to be pretty well off despite this.

The manufacturer has revealed that the PlayStation 5 sold 80,000 units with US retailers in just 82 minutes, approximately 1,000 units per minute. This piece of detail comes via none other than Sony themselves, as mentioned in the business briefing report, which was released on Thursday, May 26.

If you compare this to the last generation PlayStation 4, it took 9 days to reach the same units sold in the US. While the PlayStation 5 is still ways off before it crosses the massive number of units PS4 sold, it is certainly off to a great start. 

The console manufacturer also shared the numbers about how many people in North America expressed interest in their consoles after one year of their respective launches. In November 2014, 28% of people expressed interest in a PlayStation 4. On the other hand, an year after the launch of PlayStation 5, in November 2021, 55% of people showed their interest in the PS5 in North America.

Going by how things are and the demand, PS5 might outsell PS4 in just a year, considering if there aren’t any further supply chain problems. Console Restocks are becoming much more frequent, allowing a wide range of people a chance to grab these.

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