Roman Reigns destroying Brock Lesnar during WWE WrestleMania promo segment

Roman Reigns destroying Brock Lesnar

Yesterday (May 25) was WWE legend Roman Reigns‘ birthday and what better way to remember him than when he publicly told Brock Lesnar that he was going to “smash him” at WrestleMania 38.

The tweet paying tribute to the promo reads: “In honour of Roman Reigns’ birthday, let’s take a look back at him on the mic putting Brock Lesnar in the blender.”

The two fighters contractually agreed that they would both wrestle it out in a “Winner Take All” Unification match and fans are hyping it up as the biggest match is WrestleMania history.

He alludes to the fact that the WWE world revolves around him and reels off a list of things that he claims are “his”.

He said: “This is my show. This is my ring. This cameraman right here, this is my cameraman. These people, these are all my people because they acknowledge me.”

He then steps out of the ring, leaving Lesnar alone with Reigns’ many security guards.

He continues to exclaim how a lot of possessions belong to him – when pointing to the commentators, he said: “These two right here, they work for me. The commentary team is mine because they brag and talk about me. That sign right there is mine because I am WrestleMania.”

Quite damning statements from Reigns and they paid off as he defeated 10-time world champion Lesnar to become the unified world champion.

This altercation in the ring ended with Lesnar destroying Reigns’ security guards, using the table and chairs to fight all eight guards, whilst Reigns stayed out of the action.

The commentator ended it perfectly: “Take a long look Roman because this is what you face on WrestleMania Sunday. And the biggest WrestleMania match of all time.”

This promo has been called his second-best promo, with “This is my yard now” still taking the top spot. Whatever the order, it’s clear to say that Roman Reigns is at the top of his game right now.

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