Cleveland Browns' Deshaun Watson leaves teammate embarrassed during press conference

Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson made sure teammate Anthony Walker Jr felt totally embarrassed during his press conference when presenting him with a gift. 

The Cleveland Browns took a monumental risk this offseason with their acquisition of Deshaun Watson in a trade with the Houston Texans, given his off-field problems there is a chance that he might not play this season depending on the timing of a possible suspension.

And with this season critical to see if they can start to bounce back after a disappointing season in 2021, the decision to bring in a talented quarterback despite the fact he might not be able to play for them for a large part of this season.

However whilst that investigation goes on, it’s very much a case of keeping things going as normal, with Watson reporting for team OTAs and getting into the swing of things with the people who could be his new teammates.

Taking control early on

One of the things that is helping Watson to keep things as if they are normal is with his choice of roster number, as he has gone with #4, the same one that he wore in college whilst at Clemson and with the Houston Texans.

There was just one small problem for Watson when he first came to Cleveland, linebacker Anthony Walker Jr already had that number in his possession following the relaxation of jersey numbers in 2021. 

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So if Watson was going to get to wear his favourite number, he’d have to buy if off him, and the two appear to have come to the arrangement that Watson would give him a little something in exchange for the number, that gift being a Rolex watch.

Making a public display out of it

Watson wasn’t going to let Walker Jr away easily though, as he made sure to present him his gift in a public place so that everyone in the local media could see his generosity, and it left him feeling rather embarrassed and flustered when it happened:

It’s a fine gesture from Watson and one that shows he’s ingratiating himself into the clubhouse and getting people on his side, which is exactly what you need from a franchise quarterback. Although when he’s going to be able to take full control we’ll have to wait and see depending on the outcome of his possible suspension.

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