Elden Ring: Elon Musk's build is very confusing

Elden Ring

Elon Musk has posted his Elden Ring build and it has left fans of From Software’s wildly successful RPG very confused!

The billionaire is the CEO of Tesla and the future owner of Twitter, but he clearly doesn’t have all that much expertise when it comes to putting together a build in the Lands Between.

Musk is a noted fan of the game and has tweeted about Elden Ring multiple times.

He has been asked by fans to post his build on social media and has done so, and it has led to plenty of confusion, as per Gamespot.

He says that he playing as a “power mage but decent with a sword/katana”. He also added that his “equipped load will be lower if fast roll is needed”.

But then you look at his stats.

He’s put plenty of points into Mind and Intelligence, while he also has plenty in Vigor, Endurance and Dexterity.

However, as noted by the article, he has heavy armour and also has two swords equipped. They are in the same hand as his staff which would prevent him from casting spells easily. He would need to switch between his staff and his weapon if he wanted to go from attacks to spells.

The left-hand slot would make more sense for the staff but he’s using two shields there. We don’t know why.

A screenshot taken from Elden Ring.
A screenshot taken from Elden Ring. (Credit: FromSoftware)

He also has both of those shields equipped. You don’t need two shields.

Musk is also using Radagon’s Soreseal as a Talisman. This doesn’t make sense. It increases Vigor, Endurance, Strength, and Dexterity but gives you the punishment of taking 15% more damage. This is very much a weapon-based Talisman, designed for players who swing their swords rather than casting spells.

He has the Green Turtle Talisman, boosting stamina recovery. Again, that’s for more physical characters.

One has to say that his Graven School Talisman makes sense, as it boosts the power of sorceries, but this is a really odd build.

He’s got a heavy armour so he’ll fat roll – slowly evading enemy attacks – but he wants to be a spellcaster as well. It doesn’t make sense.

His stats, equipment, and talismans don’t tally with the build he is trying to get to. It’s a jack-of-all trades build and it isn’t going to get you all that far in Elden Ring.

Still, we doubt Elon will be too gutted. He is a billionaire.

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