John Terry vs Rio Ferdinand: Chelsea and Man Utd legends get into Twitter argument

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Rio Ferdinand and John Terry have got into a Twitter argument following discussions over the best central defenders in Premier League history.

Earlier this week, a video dropped of Ferdinand and Virgil van Dijk picking their best five centre backs ever in the Premier League.

Rio put himself as No.1 before putting Nemanja Vidic in second, Van Dijk in third, Jaap Stam fourth and Terry in fifth.

Van Dijk also put Ferdinand first but had Vincent Kompany in second, Stam in third, Terry fourth and Sami Hyypia fifth.

Rio Ferdinand’s top 5 centre backs in Premier League history

Rio Ferdinand top 5 CBs

However, it seems Terry wasn’t too impressed with his rankings.

John Terry responds to Rio’s selections

The Chelsea legend appeared to respond on Instagram with a host of stats along with the caption “Opinions are great but stats don’t lie…”

John Terry vs Rio Ferdinand

Rio Ferdinand vs John Terry in Twitter argument

But Ferdinand was having none of it.

He took to Twitter to write to Terry: “@JohnTerry26 The moment one has to start pushing their own records and stats it’s really time to start addressing the fragile ego. Your lucky I even put you in the top 5 after the racism case with my brother so be thankful you made it.”

Terry responded with “A fragile Ego is putting yourself at Number 1. @rioferdy5 Thanks for putting me in your top 5.”


Terry was investigated by police in November 2011 after an allegation of racial abuse against QPR defender Anton Ferdinand.

Terry was given a four-game ban and a £220,000 fine by the FA but he was cleared in court and has always denied abusing Ferdinand.

Rio previously described Terry as an ‘idiot’ in his 2014 autobiography.

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Terry also told The Times how he attempted to reach out to the Ferdinands after the incident: “It’s disappointing to read and hear that I’ve never reached out.

“I tried to phone Rio and Anton on numerous occasions, literally the same night [as the game], the day after, and that week after the incident.

“Then about three, four years ago, I see Rio on the beach in Dubai, so I approached him and said, ‘Have you got five minutes? I’d like to talk to you’. He was like, ‘I don’t want to talk to you, JT'”.  

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