Lewis Hamilton: Valtteri Bottas gifts ex-Mercedes teammate hilarious present

Lewis Hamilton: Valtteri Bottas gifts ex-Mercedes teammate hilarious present

Lewis Hamilton has been given a copy of Valtteri Bottas’ hilarious viral post that has raised lots of money for charity.

The British driver posted photos from the funny exchange between the two while Bottas posted a video of the moment.

The former Mercedes teammates were known to be pretty close friends during the period that they were on the same team and it seems like they still share a close bond.

Earlier this year, Bottas posted the image to Instagram and he then sold it for charity which raised over £42,000 in the first day.

In the video that the Finnish driver posted, Bottas said: “I just wanted to come and give you something.

“I heard that you liked the picture, so I signed ‘To Lewis’, and it’s for you. So you can put it up in your apartment or at home or something. Just a small gift, you know?”

The 37-year-old was clearly happy with the gift and he wanted to know even more about the picture.

The seven-time world champion asked: “Not that I don’t already have stuff to remember you by, but this one. What were you doing? Where was this?”

The now Alfa Romeo driver revealed that it was taken in Colorado and Hamilton could not help but jokingly promise him a similar gift in return.

Hamilton replied: “So good. I love it man. Thank you so much. Next time I’m in Colorado, I’ll get my buns out and repeat the same image and then send you one.”

The two drivers are gearing up for one of the biggest races of the season as the Formula One season reaches Monaco this weekend.

Hamilton will be hoping that his Mercedes car can continue its gradual improvement as he looks to keep pace with Red Bull and Ferrari.

On the other hand, Bottas has exceeded expectations this season in his car and sits eighth in the Drivers’ championship, only a couple of places behind Hamilton. 

The Mercedes driver famously resides in Monaco and will be expecting a better performance this weekend to go along with Bottas’ present.

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