Tyson Fury vs Francis Ngannou: UFC star Tom Aspinall proposes a mixed rules bout

  • Tom Ward

Tyson Fury‘s crossover fight with Francis Ngannou should consist of a mixed rules bout where rules change between rounds, according to his former sparring partner Tom Aspinall.

A hybrid boxing match between the two heavyweight world champions could be on the cards following the pair’s promotion of the fight following the Gypsy King’s KO of Dillian Whyte at Wembley Stadium last month.

UFC‘s first African-born heavyweight champion was a guest of honour for Fury’s successful defence of his WBC heavyweight title against Whyte.

It would no doubt be the biggest crossover clash since Floyd Mayweather‘s victory over Conor McGregor in 2017.

And like many fight fans, Aspinall is eager to see the special rules Clash of the Titans come to fruition.

Aspinall has also got a couple of suggestions of his own, telling Sky Sports: “I would be interested to see if them two fought, I’d like to see the fight, that would be awesome.

“Little gloves for sure, five-minute rounds, that would make it a little bit even. I think they should do like first round boxing only, second round like boxing and low kicks and third round boxing, low kicks and clinching, something like that would make it a bit more even.

“If it’s going to be boxing with little gloves on I think it makes it more even to a degree but still, you’re talking about one of the best boxers that has ever lived. The chances are still pretty small.

Tom Aspinall and Tyson Fury used to be sparring partners back in the day

“Obviously Ngannou hits like an absolute truck, he still has a puncher’s chance, bit if you put a couple of kicks in there and a bit of clinching and give minute rounds it would even it out a bit.”

Fury, 33, has previously flirted with the idea of competing in MMA.

However, Aspinall has warned him that it will take him at least a couple of years to adjust to the sport, as it is much harder than it may seem.

He added: “I’ve grappled with him [Fury] before, he’s interested in it.

“I know he’s done bits of grappling, bits of kicks before, he was down in our gym training.

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Francis Ngannou

Where was Francis Ngannou born?

“He’s definitely got an interest in it. I’d love to see it though. If he [Fury] wants to fight in the UFC under UFC rules I think he’d need a couple of years to prepare at least.

“The switch between boxing and MMA is much more difficult than people think, I think for an MMA fighter to think they can go across and box world class boxers is ignorant and the other way around. It’s ignorant thinking.

“I love to box, but I’d need a year at least to just box. It’s quite the transition.”

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