Anthony Joshua passionately defended by Simon Jordan for uni students row

Anthony Joshua passionately defended for uni students row

Simon Jordan has defended Anthony Joshua’s confrontation with university students after the former heavyweight champion was heckled by them.

The 32-year-old was the subject of taunts in Loughborough by a group of students who claimed he was too scared to fight Tyson Fury, but AJ did not want to just ignore the group of teenagers.

He took it upon himself to try and teach a valuable lesson to the youngsters, which they surely were not expecting.

Confronting the students, Joshua said: “When your jaws start breaking and people start chasing you out of this uni, none of you will like it.

“Watch your mouths because you don’t know who you’re talking to sometimes. I know, listen, all that public eye bull****, I aint into all that.”

Speaking on the White and Jordan radio show on talkSPORT, the former Crystal Palace owner was quick to defend the former Olympic champion.

He said: “I think he’s absolutely right. I think that there’s kids in this society who think they can say things on social media, run around precisely what they want and they can replicate it in society.

“That’s why you’ve got these silly sods running on football pitches and young kids hanging on crossbars breaking football goals – because they think they can do.

“Anthony Joshua gave them a life lesson. He told these kids you can’t say what you want to say to people. You can’t just say these things and not be accountable for it.

“Can you imagine these little snot-gobbling kids taunting you out the window and the former heavyweight champion of the world stands in front of you and says, hold on a second you, you’re going to say this to the wrong person one day and that this person is going to show you what a glass jaw looks like.

“Whatever I think of Anthony Joshua as a legitimate heavyweight champion of the world, he’s entitled to respect.

“They might remember that particular situation where a former heavyweight champion of the world said ‘watch what you’re saying and who you think you’re saying it to.’

“I admire him for doing it.”

Whether you agree with Joshua or not for the incident, the students are bound to think twice about taunting if they are ever in front of a former heavyweight champion again.

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