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Rerolling is a key element of Gacha games, so if you don’t have some of the best characters in Dislyte, you should consider rerolling in the game.

Dislyte has become the talk of the gaming community since the creators of AFK arena made it. After the opening of Pandora’s Box, this RPG fantasy game brings mythical figures from different eras together to face dangerous monsters.

The game is situated in an urban setting and has legendary heroes from all pantheons to acquire and upgrade.

Dislyte has everything you need to keep you occupied, including a wonderful turn-based and strategic mechanism and a world to rescue.

Below, we’ll go over how to reroll in Dislyte so that you can have a chance of getting all the characters you want.

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How to Reroll in Dislyte

Rerolling in Dislyte isn’t as simple as it is in other games, so pay special attention during the process. It’s also worth noting that you’ll need to get to Chapter 4 before you’ll have enough gacha currency to buy ten rolls. Of course, there’s no need to reroll if you get the characters you want, but if you use all 10 pulls and still don’t like the legendary esper you’ve drawn, here’s what you should do:

  1. Place your mouse in the upper left corner of your screen to reveal your avatar.
  2. Go to settings.
  3. Click on the Service option.
  4. Click Initialization, which will erase all of your game data and allow you to start again with a new account.
  5. Fill in the code that the game requires.
  6. Hit the confirm button.
Dislyte Reroll

Your game data will be deleted if you followed all of the instructions correctly, confirming that you successfully rerolled your Dislyte account. You can try again if you don’t like the espers you got the first time. Keep in mind that you have three chances to reroll your Dislyte account and high-rarity characters are really difficult to pull, so if you can obtain some decent heroes to begin with, it might be worth it to wait for more pull opportunities.

What’s wonderful about Dislyte is that you’ll almost likely receive a good legendary esper later, even if you don’t get one straight away. Dislyte is a simple game in which you can obtain a large number of drops without having to invest a lot of money. If you spend a lot of money in Dislyte, you won’t be able to reroll your account. We hope that this guide will help you reroll for the characters you want.

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