Vince McMahon: Details on WWE Chairman's 'strange relationship' with Bray Wyatt

Vince McMahon had a "weird" relationship with Bray Wyatt in WWE

Vince McMahon, in the words of Matt Hardy, had a rather ‘strange’ relationship with former WWE star Bray Wyatt.

Fans feel that Wyatt, despite being a former WWE Champion, was never really given a fair shake of things in the company during his time there.

In fact, some fans have even speculated that Vince McMahon flat out didn’t like the 35-year-old, with these rumours surfacing a lot more after his WWE release in July 2021.

However, from someone that used to work in WWE, we now have some insight into Wyatt and McMahon’s relationship, which has been described as ‘strange’.

Speaking on his ‘Extreme Life of Matt Hardy‘ podcast, AEW star Matt Hardy spoke about McMahon’s relationship with Bray, likening it to that of a father and son.

Windham (Bray Wyatt) has always had a very strange relationship with Vince, very strange, like, I almost felt like Vince looked at him like a son in some ways.

Hardy explained that when McMahon appreciated Wyatt’s work, he would “give him everything that he could possibly give him”.

However, the former WWE star explained that if Vince didn’t like his work, it felt like Bray was going to be “locked away for good”.

When he would do things that he liked, he would love him and he would really give him everything that he could possibly give him. He would bend over backwards to try and accommodate him. But then when he did something he didn’t like, he hated, like he was going to lock him away for good.

Hardy would go on to reiterate how “weird” he found the relationship between Wyatt and McMahon to be, again stating that it was “almost like a parent.”

It was almost like a really weird, a really strange and different duality that Vince shared with Bray. When he liked him or loved him, he was all about him.

But when he disliked him, oh my god, it was really bad and he would like punish him and insult him. To me, it was so strange. It was almost like a parent.”

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Thanks to Ringside News for the transcription.

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