Gervonta Davis pushes Rolando Romero off the stage during the final faceoff

  • Tom Ward

Gervonta Davis pushed Rolando Romero off the stage after the pair successfully made weight in New York.

The lightweight rivals were both comfortably inside the 135lbs limit at Friday’s weigh in at Barclays Center, home to the Brooklyn Nets.

And when two boxers who blatantly don’t like each other hit the scales, it was always going to be a spiky affair in the Big Apple.

Romero, 26, has spent the past couple of months desperately trying to wind up Davis, 27.

But as he stepped in front of his rival, ‘Tank’ gave him a little tap on the back which tipped him over the edge.

In close-up footage that followed, Davis could be seen struggling to wipe a smirk off of his face.

Both boxers had to be separated by security as their teams rushed in to help them out before they were asked to leave the stage.

And Floyd Mayweather‘s protégé, who weighed in at 133.7lbs, says he fully expects Romero to bring the heat when the duo finally collide.

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He said: “It means a lot to be back at Barclays Center.

“The atmosphere here is incredible. This is a great city. I wouldn’t want to fight anywhere else.

“I’m grateful to have a great fanbase here and we’re excited.

“I’m not emotional about what Rolly is saying. At first I was, but he showed me that he’s just a hype job. He’s trying to hype himself up to get into the fight.

“It feels like he’s acting fake right now. He’s never been in this position and you can tell.

Gervonta Davis takes on Rolando Romero on Saturday

“We have to wait and see what happens. He’s predicting a first round knockout, but I’m predicting something else.

“A lot of fighters are calling each other out but aren’t fighting. He worked his way up to this point and called me out.

“Now the fight is happening, so it’ll be great to have him on my resume after he talked all that trash.

“The fight is here. I’m sure it’ll be a little tense at the press conference, but not for me. I’m only worrying about getting in there Saturday and handling business.

“I think I’m growing as I continue on this path. I feel as though I’m getting better and better each day. I’m trying to walk like a champion just as much as I fight like a champion.

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“I have two great daughters that I’m trying to raise and I’m trying to be the best person I can be.

“It’s going to be a hell of a fight. I know that it’s going to be fireworks for sure. He’s coming with a lot of power and emotion and I’m coming with my power for sure.

“I just can’t wait. It’s a big night for boxing.”

Boxing fans flocked to Twitter in their numbers and couldn’t help but laugh at Romero’s expense.

One tweeted: “These two are comedy together.”

Another added: “Pair of melons the both of them.”

“I think Tank got in his head big time here,” a third remarked.

And a fourth pointed out: “Tank barely touched him.”

While a fifth joked: “Gotta be a yellow for simulation surely.”

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