Ghostwire: Tokyo Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Ghostwire: Tokyo

Step into Ghostwire: Tokyo’s haunted city of Shibuya, using handy tips and tricks.

Ghostwire: Tokyo was developed by Tango Gameworks and published by Bethesda Softworks, and released on 25 March 2022. Evil spirits, yokai, have taken over Shibuya and it’s up to Akito and KK to hunt down these yokai and restore order.

In the beginning of Ghostwire: Tokyo you’ll be met with a lot of information about your ethereal weaving powers, when and how to fight Visitors to defeat the ghosts, finding recovering spirits setting them free, and much more.

If you want to save everyone in Shibuya then our tips and tricks will come in handy in this open-world adventure.

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Ghostwire: Tokyo Tips and Tricks

Keep these tips and tricks in mind while saving spirits and defeating Visitors.

  • Avoid damage by tracking the fog
    Use your mini-map to track the fog. It can be quite tricky trying to navigate an area near the edge of the killer fog cloud. The mini-map is on the corner of the screen and it shows you exactly where the fog begins so that you can prepare for a fight without getting caught off guard, risking damage to your HP and consumables.
  • Dogs and cats are important
    It may be quite easy to overlook this, but dogs and cats are important in Ghostwire. Dogs can lead you to a great amount of loot, money, and other treasures, so make sure you keep dog food. They also help with extra missions sometimes, but you have to read their thoughts, how cool. For cats, if you hear one meowing, that means they are hinting at nearby hidden collectables and will reward you with money to spend on consumables.
Ghostwire Tokyo
  • Use spectral vision to reveal enemies and items
    The spectral vision ability allows you to highlight items of importance around. You can see treasures, food, and enemies. The spectral vision helps you see things you might miss, so make sure you use it as much as you can. It’s really good because you can see enemies trying to scare you.
  • Ethereal Weaving
    The most important tool in the game is Ethereal Weaving, which allows you to instantly eliminate yokai with a dazzling string execution. Before you may weave, you must first reveal the yokai’s cores, in the middle of their chests. The trick is to reveal the cores of as many yokai as possible, allowing you to perform numerous executions in one go. You’ll want to take advantage of the fact that the game teaches you this rather early on.
  • Stealth mode
    Every time you approach combat, crouch to go into stealth mode. You will be able to observe a Visitor’s movement and look for ways to sneak up on them, allowing you to perform a Quick Purge takedown, which quickly eliminates most enemies. If you can’t do the Quick Purge, use your bow to silently take them down at a distance and remain undetected, silent, but deadly.
Ghostwire Tokyo Stealth
  • Check shrines on the map
    Cleansing large shrines in the game helps you drive back the fog and open up new areas of Shibuya. They also provide important information when you highlight them on the map. If you need to get through the map quickly, use the shrines to get the main fast travel points.
  • Buy Katashiro
    As soon as you can afford them, buy Katashiro. These are little paper dolls you can use to absorb spirits. You’ll find the spirits hovering in the air. Ensure that you invest in as many Katashiro as you can, they can be purchased from the various convenience stores, because each time you absorb a spirit, a Katashiro will become unavailable until you use a spirit transmission device hidden in a telephone booth.
  • Hide completed icons
    The world map can be a bit overwhelming because there’s so many icons and information, so you can streamline this by pressing L3 and selecting “Hide Completed Icons” this will remove all activities and quests that you have completed, helping you know what to tackle next.
  • Track down Jizo Statues
    In combat, you’ll frequently run out of Ethereal Weaving ammo, and while you can always rip out enemy cores and break corrupted objects to replenish your supply, it’s also lot easier if you start with a larger pool. The best method to do this is to look for Jizo statues. Each of these grants you a little increase in ammo, and when added together, they start to pile up and make a difference.
Ghostwire: Tokyo
  • Don’t forget to upgrade
    In Ghostwire: Tokyo, upgrading your skills is the greatest way to ensure that you perfect your powers and earn new ones that will help you in battle. You can even tailor your character to your preferred gameplay style. Pour points into the stealth tree if you’re the stealthy kind, as it increases faster bow speeds and crouched movement. Put points into improving your attacking talents if you wish to pursue the melee path. You can even unlock your own Tengu by upgrading your skills, making rooftop traversal a breeze.

There’s a lot to uncover in the game, so happy ghost hunting!

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