Jamie Carragher roasted Man United after UCL final - Peter Schmeichel bit back

  • Rob Swan
Peter Schmeichel put Jamie Carragher back in his place after he roasted Man Utd on live TV

Peter Schmeichel bit back after Jamie Carragher roasted Manchester United following Saturday’s Champions League final.

Carragher, who was covering Liverpool’s 1-0 defeat to Real Madrid in Paris for CBS Sports, couldn’t resist a cheeky dig at United’s expense.

But Schmeichel responded with a pop at Carragher’s beloved Reds.

CBS Sports host Kate Abdo, referring to Jurgen Klopp’s claim that Liverpool should already book hotels for next season’s Champions League final, asked Micah Richards: “Liverpool are booking their ticket already for next season’s final in Istanbul, what about Manchester City?”

CBS Sports

Richards, who couldn’t resist celebrating after his former club City won the Premier League title on May 22, replied: “I’m not getting involved in that chat. Game by game. I’m not getting too excited. We’ve been there and lost, semi-final, final the year before so… I’m going to be humble this time.”

Carragher, who’d just watched his team miss out on the Champions League title, then tried to cheer himself up by winding up Schmeichel and Thierry Henry either side of him.

The retired defender said: “Well it’s not going to be Man United or Arsenal, is it?”

Carragher takes dig at United

Richards laughed, Henry shook his head, while Schmeichel fired back.

The United legend said: “You’re supporting a really, really good domestic cup team, so just tone it down a little bit – you’ve been cocky all year.”


Peter Schmeichel fired back at Jamie Carragher

Henry and Richards both let out an “ooooh!”

“Micah… you realise [why] I keep quiet? When you can’t speak, just don’t speak,” Henry said. “Maybe we will be back one day!”

Watch the clip here:

You have to admit, ‘domestic cup team’ was a great little dig from Schmeichel after Carragher decided to kick Man Utd while they’re down.

One week earlier, many people thought Liverpool would complete a historic quadruple.

And while it’s still been a very good season for the Merseyside outfit thanks to their Carabao Cup and FA Cup triumphs, there will always be that nagging feeling of ‘what if’ given how the campaign ended for them.

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