Jack Catterall reveals why he lost 'a lot of respect' for Josh Taylor

  • Tom Ward

Jack Catterall has revealed he has lost ‘a lot of respect’ for Josh Taylor over the way he has handled himself in the wake of his controversial victory.

The Englishman was speaking to the Mail on Sunday when he talked about that infamous night in Glasgow ahead of his ring return.

Catterall, 28, unsuccessfully challenged Taylor, 31, for the WBC, WBA, IBF and WBO super lightweight world titles, despite flooring the Scotsman in the eighth round.

During the interview, Catterall admitted that he has ‘always thought he’s a bit of a d***’ after exchanging words with Taylor in a public spat on social media.

Catterall revealed: “I’ve always thought he’s a bit of a d***.

“He wouldn’t be the sort of person I’d phone to go for a coffee and a catch up. You just have to look through his timeline (on social media) and how he interacts with people.

“I’ve never been a massive fan of him. That aside, I’m a fan of boxing and what he’s done in the sport. Credit to him for that.

“After the fight and the way he’s continued to handle himself, he’s losing a lot of fans and a lot of respect.

Jack Catterall claims he has lost ‘a lot of respect’ for Josh Taylor after his loss

“Although he got the decision, he knows he’s got to put things right and try and beat me. This is a blemish on his record.

“A rematch is going to be his only saving grace going forward. He knows he has to fight me again.

“He’s living in denial. Everybody – apart from Josh and maybe one or two diehard fans – have said he lost the fight.

“I think he thought it might have settled down by now. But everything he posts on social media, you read through the comments and the fans are hammering him – and rightly so.

“I think he knows he’s lost a lot of respect in the boxing world. That will be living with him every day and eating him up.

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“It was an injustice. I think he’s come to the realisation now that he has to fight me again and try to put it right.

“In the aftermath of the fight, I thought it (a rematch) was unlikely. But given the pressure that’s been put on Josh by the public, I’m confident.

“I’ve had some interesting calls over the past couple of weeks. I’m under the impression now that Josh really wants this rematch. It’s bubbling now to be a big fight for both of us.

“Politics aside, I do believe the fight can be made for the back end of this year. If he stays at 140, this is the only fight people want to see.”

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