UFC's Paddy Pimblett gives his account of Champions League final chaos

  • Max Emes
Paddy Pimblett gives his account of Champions League final chaos

The Champions League final last weekend was a great result for Real Madrid as they won their 14th trophy in the competition at the expense of Liverpool in the Stade de France in Paris.

The kick-off was delayed by 30 minutes, however, as officers held back fans from entering the stadium.

Many fans entering the stadium were believed to be in possession of fake tickets, so the French police were forced to use tear gas to control many of the large crowds that were starting to get crushed.

UFC fighter and Liverpool supporter Paddy Pimblett attended the Champions League final and has since told his story of the story, claiming he had seen men running around with weapons and learned that his close friend was being attacked with a razor blade.

Pimblett told RMCSportCombat: “When we came out of that cage, there were groups of 30 men running around in big packs, some of them had weapons on them.

“Some of them had machetes and knives and bars and stuff like that, bats, and you had to just try and get away from the ground.

“People were getting pinned to the floor and getting watches… I saw a few people getting man-bags took off them where they would run over and pull them and slice what was round them and just run off with the bag.

“Even before the game I saw a few tickets getting snatched and people running away with tickets. But as I say, it was outside the ground after it when it was the worst.

“Obviously getting in was bad with the police teargassing everyone and the little sections we had to get through to the ground was ridiculous.

“They were squashing thousands and thousands of people in-between little gaps and when we were asking the police officers what was going on they were just laughing at us.

“As I say, though, I’ve never been so scared for my own safety and for the people around me as when I came out of that ground on Saturday night.”

Like many other Liverpool fans, Pimblett mentioned that he received his ticket from Liverpool Football Club. You can’t get a much more official ticket than that.

Paddy reckoned that many fans had their authentic tickets taken away by staff and then sold to other attendees. This also comes after Andy Robertson’s claims that his friend was refused entry despite its legitimacy.

With the chaos and drama that was unfolding outside the stadium, Pimblett added: “There were people with machetes just running round. I’ve been saying this the last few days, the only thing I can compare this to is The Purge.

Pimblett at the Champions League final
Pimblett at the Champions League final

“Have you seen the movie The Purge, where you can do what you want for 12 hours, that’s what it was like. That’s what I feel it was like, The Purge, there was no laws for 12 hours, you could do what you wanted.”

Liverpool Football Club and the UK government have called upon an investigation for last week’s horrors and poor event organisation.

It does raise concerns as France are expected to host the 2024 Olympics.

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