Horizon Forbidden West: Essential Tips and Tricks

Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West is a sequel to the sci-fi action RPG Horizon Zero Dawn and we have revealed some essential tips and tricks to help you in the game.

The game was released in 2022 and continues Aloy’s story where she bravely takes on a dangerous adventure with machines and new threats. Taking place in a captivating open world, Guerrilla Games’ RPG is a fantastic showcase for the power of the PS5.

Join Aloy as she uncovers secrets behind the new threats, forges alliances with warring factions, restores order and balance, reunites with old friends, and tries to stay one step ahead of a seemingly undefeatable new enemy.

We have essential tips and tricks that can help you forge ahead and defeat the new enemy.

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Horizon Forbidden West: Essential Tips and Tricks

Below are some Horizon Forbidden West tips and tricks that will help you out.

  • Use the Focus Interface
    Hold R3 for a second and Aloy will pull up the Focus interface. This will allow you to scan machines, learn strengths, weaknesses, and vulnerable points and also work out how best to deal with them. You will not be able to move fast though. When scanning a machine you will also be able to see some parts of it that can be broken off or parts that contain useful resources.
Horizon Forbidden West
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  • Loot and pick up everything
    Horizon Forbidden West is full of resources, and you’ll need almost all of them. This is because you’ll need all of the materials you collect for something, whether it’s constructing effective traps and potions or buying new gear from merchants. If you’re on your way somewhere, even super-common resources like Medicinal Skybrush and Ridge-Wood are worth taking up. Those two goods, in fact, allow you to fast heal and create arrows, thus they’re perhaps some of your most crucial purchases. You can also press R3 to scan the environment.
  • Hunt for wildlife
    The only way to gain the resources needed for Pouch improvements is to hunt wildlife. These will help you stock up on arrows, traps, potions, and other useful items.
  • Have a full medicine pouch
    Aloy comes equipped with ten healing berries by default, and while medicinal plants are plentiful across Horizon, it’s easy to forget to stock up. As you move between fights, make sure you pick some up from the ground.
  • Listen to Aloy
    Aloy is one of the greatest sources of Horizon Forbidden West tips. As you explore, you’ll notice that Aloy speaks to herself a lot, making it easy to miss her repeated remarks. When you scan with the Focus, Aloy will tell you which elements machines are weak or strong against, comment on when human enemies give up looking for her as you hide in their camps, and much more. She’ll also let you know if you can’t finish a task yet by saying something about “special equipment.”
  • Listen to the rumours
    Spend some time listening to rumours. Plainsong, for example, will include areas where you may sit and listen to a rumour. These expose points of interest on the map, from Cauldrons to Side Quests, much like in Ghost of Tsushima. So, if you’re towards the conclusion of the game and looking for something to do, pay a visit to one of these locations to hear or see what you’re missing.
Horizon Forbidden West
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  • Sell valuables for metal shards
    Metal Shards are the primary type of currency in Horizon Forbidden West, and you’ll need a lot of them to purchase new goods and equipment. As you progress you will pick up items that you can sell to merchants and vendors to purchase metal shards. Remember you can gather metal shards from all kinds of places like looting machines that you have killed, opening treasure chests, and completing missions.
  • You can craft ammo whenever
    Fortunately, if you have the proper resources, you can make more arrows, bombs, and bolts whenever you want. Hold L1 to activate the weapon wheel. Simply hold X to build extra ammo after selecting the ammo you require. You should be able to craft the majority of your ammo without running out of resources if you pick up resources often.
  • Safeguard your progress with campfires
    The game does autosave every now and then, but at a Campfire, you can do a Quick Save with the Triangle button or a Manual Save with the Square button – it’s worth performing at least a Quick Save at any Campfire you come across. This is simply to protect your progress; Horizon Forbidden West is a very difficult game, and you’ll be grateful for your quick Campfire saves when a machine stomps you to the ground.
  • Use weapons and ammo with High Tear damage
    By using weapons and ammo with High Tear damage you can deal substantial damage to the machine, resulting in a loss of health, and disabling specific attacks and functions. By scanning a machine with the Focus, you can highlight components, although memorizing them is faster.
Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West has been one of the biggest successes yet, and this month Sony announced its first official PS5 bundle in the UK features Horizon Forbidden West.

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