WWE Raw: Alexa Bliss' perfect response after Corey Graves criticised her

Alexa Bliss ruined Corey Graves after he dragged her on WWE Raw

Alexa Bliss fired back with a perfect response to Corey Graves after he dragged her on WWE Raw last week.

Alexa Bliss returned to WWE for the first time since February on the May 9 episode of Monday Night Raw, beating Sonya Deville.

She has been on every show since then, beating Sonya Deville again, Nikki A.S.H, and Doudrop, the latter of which game on Raw last night.

However, it was Bliss’ match with Nikki that raised the most eyebrows, mainly down to a comment made by Corey Graves on commentary.

While calling the match, Graves said that Bliss was lacking in “urgency” since she returned to WWE, accusing her of being in cruise control.

Unsurprisingly, Bliss didn’t take too kindly to Corey’s criticism, telling the former NXT star to “stay in [his] lane”, as you can see below.

WWE's Alexa Bliss went full savage on Instagram with her caption
WWE’s Alexa Bliss went full savage on Instagram with her caption

The former Raw Women’s Champion, as we noted earlier, was in action on WWE Raw last night, beating Doudrop in singles competition.

It should be noted that Graves didn’t seem to call out Bliss for being in “cruise control” on commentary this week.

It’s also worth noting that the lines that Corey says on commentary, while some come from him, as usually fed to him from officials backstage.

Carmella, Corey’s wife, confirmed as much on Twitter two weeks ago after her husband came under fire for calling out Sasha Banks and Naomi on commentary after their walkout.

As of right now, Bliss doesn’t really have an active storyline on Raw, but WWE is trying to keep her hot by giving her regular wins on TV, so it’s not a bad position to be in.

However, Bliss and her fans will be hoping that creative comes up with a proper storyline for her soon to sink her teeth into.

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