Gran Turismo 7: Update 1.15 raises the prices for many legend cars

Players found out about Gran Turismo 7 following an accidental leak regarding an upcoming beta test.

Fans of the popular racing game Gran Turismo 7 have been left stunned after the new update 1.15 has raised the prices for many Legend Cars.

The increase is due to the game’s partnership with Hagerty’s, a car insurance company whose evaluation of classic cars in the real world impacts the in-game price of cars within GT7’s Legend Cars Dealership.

A GTPlanet forum user has put together a list which is based on data mined information, following the game’s latest update 27 cars have gone up or will go up in price, 21 will stay the same, and two will go down in price.

However, most notably the worth of the Ferrari F40 has almost doubled its price, from 1.35 million credits to 2.6 million credits, highlighting that the typical price increase of Hagerty’s vehicles will be 3.8%

So it’s no surprise that these increases happened since the game became too realistic.

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Gran Turismo 7

Legend Car Prices Shoot Up

In terms of in-game credit prices, the 1952 Mercedes Benz 300 SL (W194) has gone from 11 million to 13 million and the 1992 Ferrari F40 has nearly doubled from 1.35 million to 2.6 million credits.

Developer Polyphony Digital released Gran Turismo 7’s update 1.15 last week. where three new cars was introduced. The Toyota GR010 Hybrid 21, Suzuki Vision Gran Turismo, and Roadster Shop Rampage.

In addition to this update, the Tomahawk, a car some players are exploiting to earn credits, was also fixed. In general, Gran Turismo 7 appears to be becoming increasingly grindy over time.

Some fans of the legendary game will fear that these increases will elevate as they would miss out on certain Legend Cars entering and leaving the rotation in the store, pushing players toward the game’s microtransactions.

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Atari 2600

Can you guess which genre-defining classic was the best selling video game from 1982?

Game players who live out their dreams of becoming car collectors must be offended by the new price adjustments. Since classic cars are projected to become even more expensive with time, future GT7 updates will likely include even more price hikes.

In the meantime, there’s still no option for players to sell excess cars in their collection despite wanting the feature since launch, and therefore the in-game roulette wheel still has fairly low rates for new cars.

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