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Ghostwire Tokyo

There are so many skills to unlock in Ghostwire: Tokyo and we have revealed the best early-game skills.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is a first-person horror game in which you use Akito and KK’s combined forces to fight Visitors and free spirits.

As you move through Ghostwire: Tokyo’s campaign, you’ll earn skill points that you can use to improve your core abilities. These can be obtained by completing major objectives, side activities, fighting enemies, or using Katashiro in phone booths to release spirits.

The inventory menu can be used to check your current skill point total. However, it can be difficult to identify which skills to concentrate your points on early in the game.

Below you’ll find a recommended list of the best skills in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

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Best Skills List in Ghostwire: Tokyo

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the best skills to invest in if you want to swiftly transform Akito into a deadly demon hunter.

1. Ground Core Grab

You can purge enemies while they’re downed with the Ground Core Grab. It’s great for quickly dispatching groups of enemies, especially weaker foes that you can stun with Perfect Block and knock out with repeated hits.

2. Melee Core Grab

The Melee Core Grab, like the Ground Core Grab, is faster than a standard core purging, letting you rush in, steal an enemy’s core, and flee, rapidly finishing enemies and keeping you from lingering in one spot for too long.

3. Core Grab – HP Restoration

Core Grab – HP Restoration is critical to a good playstyle because eating food takes a few seconds and can be deadly in a fight. It allows you to heal more quickly by purging cores, which means your health will gradually improve as you kill off enemies throughout a fight. It makes dealing with waves of enemies much easy and saves you a lot of frustration.

4. Wind Charge Attack – More Shots

Wind is your primary weapon in Ghostwire: Tokyo, and you’ll want to make it as potent as possible because you’ll be supplied with SP for it. Additional projectiles are added to a charged wind shot using Wind Charge Attack – More Rounds, allowing you to fire up to four shots for the price of one. It lets you take down slower enemies faster, which is always a plus.

5. Water Weaving – More Shots

Water is an excellent approach to controlling large groups of enemies by exposing the cores of weaker monsters and allowing you to push back stronger ones. Water Weaving – Extra Shots adds more projectiles to every usage of water, allowing you to knock back and damage more foes at once. It’ll make a big impact in big fights by keeping enemies at bay.

6. Fire Weaving – Radius Boost

You’ll want an attack that can back up threats and give you time to regroup in dangerous situations. A charged fire shot is that move, and with a few Fire Charge Attack – Range Boost upgrades, it may turn into a powerful grenade-like missile that kills weaker enemies and inflicts heavy damage on stronger ones. Make certain you’re concentrating on transforming it into the lethal weapon it was designed to be.

7. Charge Attack – Speed Boost

Charge Attack – Speed Boost is an important skill that will save you a lot of time by reducing the time it takes to charge an ability, allowing you to unleash enormous assaults more rapidly. Get this as soon as possible and improve it to its full potential.

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8. Prayer Beads – Extra Set

You’ll find sets of prayer beads as you explore, which will let you carve out a playstyle and enhance your favourite weapons. You can only wear one pair at first, but having all three will transform you into the demon-slaying master you’ve always wanted to be. To maximize your potential, purchase the Prayer Beads – Extra Set twice.

And that concludes our list of the best skills in Ghostwire: Tokyo. We hope this list helps you as you play the game.

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