Champions League final 2022: Liverpool fan's harrowing experience in Paris with his son

Attending a Champions League final is supposed to be one of the greatest days of a fan’s life, but for many who attended the 2022 edition in Paris it became a nightmare.

We’ve all seen the terrifying fan footage of the events that occurred outside the Stade de France on May 28.

Fans were targeted by French authorities with tear gas, crowds were herded like cattle through restricted spaces, people were turned away at the gate and accused of having ‘fake tickets’, calculated thievery from groups of local gangs – it truly was awful.

But for one dad and son, their experience is among the worst we’ve seen yet.

A Twitter thread has gone viral detailing the harrowing experience they suffered in Paris which we’ve summarised below.

It also includes a video of the horrific scenes.

Outside the Stade de France

Their group arrived early for the game, two-and-a-half-hours before the start of the match, however they were held at a fan checkpoint for the majority of that period.

When they were finally allowed to pass through to their designated gate, they joined an unorganised, cramped, mass of supporters that were not being allowed to pass into the arena.

Once there, the family witnessed police hitting supporters that weren’t causing any trouble with batons.

They were also subjected to heavy targeting with toxic tear gas, with both the dad and his son, being sprayed directly in the face by the authorities.

@Matty95Davies and @SEILimitied shared a video to Twitter which captures the unnerving scenes.

Amidst the coughing and screaming, the poor young lad can be heard shouting in panic that it’s “in his eyes” and that he “never wants to go to a game again.”

It’s absolutely unforgivable that supporters were exposed to that at a football match. But that wasn’t the end of their nightmare…

Inside the Stade de France

The Twitter thread continued to explain:

Once they got inside the stadium, things didn’t improve for the family.

Having arrived at their seats, they found two French locals in them who simply refused to move.

When the father asked for the stewards to sort the issue, they accused him of having fake tickets himself despite their group’s being on the official UEFA app.

They were forced to watch the game standing in the aisle which they made little fuss about, until a steward approached at half-time and demanded they sit in their seats.

The family tried to explain but the steward ordered them to leave the stadium.

Unsurprisingly, the father refused, and the steward called for back-up who then forcefully removed the bunch.

In their attempt to record the shambolic abuse, both the father and his 24-year-old female cousin were physically attacked, stopping them in their tracks.

Eventually, all the dad could do was cover up and protect his young 11-year-old that was beyond hysterical as the family were dragged out of the stadium.

They attended the special event in honour of the young man’s 11th birthday and they shared a heartwarming video of him receiving a birthday card, earlier that same day.

As of yet, UEFA are yet to release a formal apology to Liverpool or Real Madrid fans for what they had to suffer in Paris.

Hopefully people sharing their experiences like this can lead to some form of action.

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