Patrick Mahomes roasts Josh Allen with brutal comment before The Match

Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen

Patrick Mahomes might have stolen the show at The Match with his comments towards Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen.

‘The Match’ saw two members of football royalty in the form of Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady take on Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen play against each other in a 12-hole battle that went right down to the wire with Rodgers winning it on the final hole.

It was a pretty tense affair that was closely fought throughout, as you would expect amongst a group of quarterbacks who have won 8 NFL MVPs between them as well as 9 Super Bowl victories.

However, whilst they have achieved a lot as a group, the one player who remains without any honours to his name is Josh Allen, although both he and the Bills are expected to be a part of the conversation this season.

He and the Bills were very much in contention last year, until they squared off against Mahomes and the Chiefs in the divisional round of the playoffs and Patrick wasn’t going to let him forget about it any time soon.

What did Mahomes say?

Speaking during the pregame broadcast whilst things were still jovial, Mahomes was asked to name what he felt like Allen’s main fear would be, and he gave a pretty brutal answer: 

Trash talking was always going to be expected in an event such as this, but doing it to your own teammate does come across as a step too far, even if it is probably true and still a little bit funny. 

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Where do the Pittsburgh Steelers play?

The story behind the comment

Mahomes’ comments stems from last season’s playoffs where the Chiefs made an incredible comeback in the final 13 seconds of the game whilst down by 3 points to tie it and send it to overtime:

First possession of overtime was decided by a coin toss, and with NFL rules the way they were, if the Chiefs scored a touchdown on the first drive, the game was over, which is exactly what they did:

The finish of the game actually forced the NFL to change the overtime this offseason, ensuring that both teams will get to possess the ball, a scenario that would have at least given the Bills a chance last season.

Although until he wins a Super Bowl, you imagine that Allen won’t want any part of coin tosses from here on out.

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