Messi, Mbappe, De Bruyne: What are football's most mispronounced names?

Being a football commentator is no easy gig.

The truth is, it is far simpler for us to sit at home and universally pan a mic-man for a basic slip of the tongue or pronunciation faux-pas knowing that we may never be in the same position ourselves.

The task becomes all the more harder when said commentators, in the midst of a game, are trying to concentrate on getting the names of certain players correct.

We are all quick to jump on the backs of the Martin Tylers of this world when they don’t quit get it completely right but, as a recent study suggests, his job is one of the most difficult around.

The study, conducted by the folks over at Wordtips, attempted to find the most globally mis-pronounced words in various categories, one of them being footballers’ names.

In fact, such is the minefield that pronouncing names correctly is, UEFA release a cheat sheet ahead of big tournaments to give fans a better idea of how certain names should be said.

Now, Wordtips has revealed the ten most mis-pronounced name in the beautiful game and yes, you guessed it, Jakub Błaszczykowski is one of them.

The most mis-pronounced names in football

10. Krzysztof Piątek – Kshish-tof Pee-yon-tek
9. Mesut Özil – May-zut Uh-zl
8. Jakub Błaszczykowski – Yak-oob Bla-wa- ko-sk-i
7. Antoine Griezmann – On-twon Greez-man
6. Lionel Messi Lee-oh-nell Mess-i

Lionel Messi
LONDON, ENGLAND – JUNE 01: Lionel Messi of Argentina celebrates after their sides victory during the 2022 Finalissima match between Italy and Argentina at Wembley Stadium on June 01, 2022 in London, England. (Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)

5. Kevin De Bruyne – Ke-vin De Brur-ner
4. Cristiano Ronaldo – Kri-stee-aa-now Ruh-nal-dow
3. Wojciech Szczęsny – Voy-chekh Sh-chen-sni
2. Kylian Mbappe – Kee-lee-an M-bap-pay
1. Sergio Agüero – Suh-jee-ow A-gweuh-row

Bet you didn’t think Manchester City’s greatest-ever goalscorer would be top of the list, did you?

Elsewhere, it’s fascinating to see that both Messi and Ronaldo make the list as well, especially considering they are by far and away the most popular players in the game.

Of course, seeing the likes of Wojciech Szczęsny and Krzysztof Piątek will come as no surprise with the pair famously known for their diffucult to enunciate names.

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