Ghostwire: Tokyo How To Get Magatama

Ghostwire: Tokyo

Players in Ghostwire: Tokyo can improve their character in a variety of ways. Some improvements need skill points, which Akito collects as he progresses through the game, while others require the use of different resources.

Magatama, used to improve Akito’s abilities, is one of these materials, but how can players get their hands on it?

Although most Magatama can be gained by performing brief side activities, others must be purchased at particular Nekomata kiosks or obtained as part of side quests.

Through the Magatama, players can improve themselves and acquire new skills in this game. Magatama unlocks skills that can’t be unlocked any other way. As a result, Magatama is a necessary upgrade item throughout the game.

This short guide will explain how you can get Magatama in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

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What Are Magatama Used For?

In Ghostwire: Tokyo, Magatama unlocks specific sections of Akito’s talent trees. To break Skill Locks, players will need varying degrees of Magatama, depending on the sort of skill they’re seeking to unlock. Before players can open the skill and use their skill points on the next skill, they must first have seven Magatama.

How To Get Magatama

In Ghostwire: Tokyo, Akito must figure out how to gain additional Magatama in order to break the Skill Locks that have been placed on several powers in the Ability, Ethereal Weave, and Equipment trees. All of the combat, stealth, and mobility features in Ghostwire: Tokyo revolves around the Skills that Akito has acquired thanks to KK. While Skill Points are used to upgrade everything in the Ability, Ethereal Weave, and Equipment trees, some talents require Magatama to use.

Only the finest Skill enhancements in Ghostwire: Tokyo, such as Glide Summon Tengu, Glide Duration Boost II, and a few others, require Magatama. The Skills that are locked are usually ones that considerably boost Akito’s power, which is why it’s important to obtain as many Magatama as possible. unfortunately, gaining Magatama isn’t always as simple as earning Skill Points, which Akito earns every time he levels up.

Unlocking a Skill Lock can cost anywhere from three to seven Magatama, and unlike Skill Points, you can only acquire one at a time. This makes it difficult to progress each Skill to its final stage, but the good news is that players can earn both Skill Points and Magatama at the same time. To obtain Magatama, players must complete a series of side tasks that yield XP and Spirits, which can help Akito level up in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

To earn extra Magatama as quickly as possible, double-check the map and mark the necessary side tasks in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

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