Ghostwire: Tokyo How To Find Tanuki

Ghostwire: Tokyo

With these tanuki locations, you can help some very mischievous monsters in Ghostwire: Tokyo

Tanuki are Japanese mythological shape-shifting raccoon creatures, and most of us only know what they are because of Super Mario and his transforming Tanuki Suit. 

Tanuki is a lot more troublesome in Ghostwire: Tokyo because you have to find all 25 lost tanuki to accomplish their objective, and they can be found anywhere and disguised as anything.

A tanuki can only be found by looking for its furry tail. Even with Spectral Vision fully upgraded, spotting these nasty little creatures can be difficult. 

Check out all of the locations listed below if you’re keen to find all the Tanuki in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

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How To Find Tanuki

The following is a list of all the Tanuki and where to find them.

Tanuki 1

The first tanuki can be discovered close to where the Tanuki Hunt side task begins. The Tanuki is disguised as a metal pot.

Tanuki 2

The next tanuki can be found on top of a structure in the southwest area of the region. It’s dressed up as a Torii Gate.

Tanuki 3

The final Shiroyama Shrine tanuki spot is towards the south of the map, beneath the highway. It appears to be a vending machine.

Tanuki 4

The first Akisawa Shrine tanuki spot is hidden behind a Torii Gate in a back lane.

Tanuki 5

The next tanuki is on the corner of a building’s roof across the street.

Tanuki 6

The Chishima Shrine tanuki, disguised as a telephone box, can be found in the northeast corner of the restricted region on the north of the map.

Tanuki 7

On the west side of the park, in the north of the region, is the Hastuike Shrine tanuki site. It’s in the form of a chair on the side of a park

Tanuki 8

On the side of the highway, the first Hitani Shrine tanuki can be discovered on some power boxes. It’s disguised up as a Daruma.

Tanuki 9

The next tanuki is sitting on a park bench in a narrow side alley hidden behind a row of buildings disguised as instant noodles.

Tanuki 10

The next Tanuki may be found in the southeast of the map, disguised as a Daruma.

Tanuki 11

The two tanuki in the Kuo Shrine region is quite near to one other, with the first disguised in a park as a playground see-saw.

Tanuki 12

The next tanuki can be located on a rooftop along the highway, disguised as a sign.

Tanuki 13

The Mikubo Shrine tanuki can be located on top of a structure just south of the Torii Gate, on a generator. It appears to be a porcelain statue.

Tanuki 14

The following tanuki is on a tiny building near the main street. It’s disguised as an antenna.

Tanuki 15

The next tanuki may be found in the northwest area of the map, on top of a rooftop. It’s disguised as a shop sign.

Tanuki 16

On a rooftop disguised as a porcelain tanuki statue is where the Namita Shrine tanuki location can be found. 

Tanuki 17

This Tanuki, disguised as a cardboard box, may be spotted on a bench just off the main road.

Tanuki 18

The next Tanuki can be discovered next to a locker in the back garden of a block of apartments, disguised as a porcelain tanuki statue.

Tanuki 19

The following tanuki is discovered in a cemetery surrounded by buildings. The tanuki is camouflaged as a gravestone in the south of the graveyard.

Tanuki 20

The next Tanuki is disguised as a Daruma and can be located on the corner of a building beneath the highway.

Tanuki 21

This Tanuki, disguised as a vending machine, can be located on the map’s western side, in a small parking lot in the region. 

Tanuki 22

The next tanuki hides in an alley near the district’s south end as a vending machine.

Tanuki 23

Another tanuki is disguised as a billboard on the rooftop.

Tanuki 24

The final tanuki in this location is disguised as a little door in the wall beneath the large bridge.

Tanuki 25

This tanuki is hidden behind a traffic sign right outside a building site in the heart of the city.

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Akito will receive the Tanuki Suit if he collects all 25 Tanuki and returns them to Boss Tanuki. We hope the guide above helps you find all 25 Tanuki in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

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